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Real – Barça: La Liga promised to unbeatable Merengues, match summary

Yet ledé twice, Real Madrid managed à hang on and &agrav; win against FC Barcelona. The Merengues take an eleven-point lead in the standings and are getting closer to the title of champion of Spain.

< IMG Alt = "Real Madrid score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/dja5HdfqpjhbcGo4ngrpie=/450x/smart/fb4ef518b45e44359ae6a2f3a6b98494/ccmcms- 5.png " /> real Madrid 3: 2

Real – Barça: La Liga promised to unbeatable Merengues, match summary

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Real – Barça: La Liga promised to unbeatable Merengues, match summary

It is fascinating to see how events always, or so regularly, turn in favor of Real Madrid. At this level of recurrence, luck no longer needs to be mentioned and we can talk about know-how. Real Madrid seems to be escorted by a superior, almost obscure force, which prevents them from losing. A spirit of conquest never satisfied to be reborn à each time he is believed to be close to death and to escape from the most compromised situations.

Once again, the Clasico will have givené &agrav; see this merengue magic. Manhandled, led twice, the Madrilenians found themselves in the lead. the resources to snatch victory and fly to the top of La Liga. We had just entered added time as Brahim Diaz tore the Catalan midfielder apart and then directed the Catalan midfielder to take the lead. right on Lucas Vazquez. The big man of the day rolled up his center which Joselu let slip between his legs. Lefté inexplicably alone, Bellingham tumbled and from the left catapulted the ball under the bar of Ter Stegen. Not always relevant, the Englishman chose his moment to come out of his box and do what he does best this season: be decisive. A goal of crucial importance to crown a team ' the formidable resilience and vice studied.

Because it took courage, ambition, talent and a little luck too to resist this threat. this FC Barcelona who tried everything but this will be misguided in defense. In fact, the Blaugrana had started their campaign. &agrav; marveled this Clasico by extinguishing the Madrid stadium when Christensen took advantage of a failed aerial exit from Lunin to score with a header from a corner. The Ukrainian would no longer leave his line, paralyzed! &agrav; each opposing corner as well as their entire defense. However, he had the good idea of ​​letting his legs drag to avoid falling into the air. Yamal scored at the near post after overflowing. Camavinga, whose evening was going to be summed up in run after the hard-hitting Barcelona winger.

A useful save since shortly after, Lucas Vazquez played Cancelo by avoiding his charge to enter the area and obtain a penalty after a tackle from Cubarsi. Calmly, Vinicius transformed to bring both teams back to within one. equality. That's when luck came into play. From another corner from Raphinha, Yamal deflected before the near post. Surprised, Lunin pushed the ball away from inside his goal. La Liga does not have goal-line technology and the replays do not give clear enough images, the referee refused a goal which nevertheless seemed valid.

The Blaugranas finally got back on track, aware of the crucial nature of the meeting and started again. the assault, without De Jong who was injured & the ankle just before the break by countering à close range, a shot from Valverde. Fermin Lopez then became a central actor. Served in the area by a marvelous lateral pass from Pedri, the Barcelona midfielder hooked Rüdiger. Caught in speed, the massive German defender showed vice by sticking out his buttocks. A clear obstruction but the referee did not whistle. More was needed to discourage the Catalans and their young midfielder who gave the advantage back to his team by attacking the surface, taking advantage of a shot from Yamal that was sent home. on him by Lunin, embarrassed; by the run of Ferran Torres, to score.

Barça thought they had done the hard part but in the process, Cancelo and Joao Felix forgot themselves and left Lucas Vazquez alone. The Madrid side did not ask for much to victoriously take a cross from Vinicius, to the great relief of the Madrid supporters. The rest belongs to à Jude Bellingham, providential man for an unshakeable and well-launched Real Madrid. towards the conquest of his 36th title of champion of Spain.

21/04/24 – 23: 20 – First defeat for Barça

Before this Clasico à Santiago-Bernabeu, FC Barcelona had never experienced defeat on the road this season in La Liga. It was the only club in this case in the Spanish elite. Its balance sheet is &agrav; record of 9 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss. Certainly too much defeat to hope to retain his title of champion of Spain.

21/04/24 – 23:10 – A colossal advance

By winning in the last moments à Santiago-Bernabeu, Real Madrid carriedé his advance à 11 points on FC Barcelona à at the end of the 32nd day. With 6 more matches à play, the Merengues are very close to winning a new title of champion of Spain.

Thanks to à a goal from Bellingham in added time, Real Madrid wins a tight Clasico, accompanied by a goal from Bellingham in injury time. from its share of controversies (3-2). The Merengues suffered and were defeated. led&eac; &agrav; twice but knew à each time reacting taking advantage of the defensive wanderings of FC Barcelona, ​​well exploited by Vinicius and Lucas Vazquez. In all the good moves, the Madrid side signed provoked a penalty, signed a goal and delivered a decisive pass. With this success, the Merengues took a giant step towards the title.

21/04/24 – 23:02 – Joao Felix contré

< p>On a final corner, Ter Stegen goes up but the ball arrives at Joao Felix whose volley collides with the ball. Write down who is on the ground in the area.

In the central circle, Brahim Diaz makes the difference and directs the lead. right on Lucas Vazquez. With one touch, the lateral center à level with the ground. In front of the goal, Joselu feints and lets it pass between his legs. At the far post, Bellingham, strangely alone, rushes to propel the ball under the crossbar with his left. Real Madrid scores in added time and takes La Liga.

04/21/24 – 22:57 – Additional time: 4 minutes

There will be four minutes of added time in this Clasico between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

21/04/24&nbsp ;- 22:55 – Offside on free kick

30 m on the left, Modric curls his free kick into the Barcelona area. At the far post, Militao throws himself, passes on Bellingham who stumbles on Ter Stegen à point blank before Joselu lights à side. The flag finally rises to indicate that the Madrid players are offside.

21/04/24&nbsp ;- 22:52 – Offside by Fermin

FC Barcelona camps around the Madrid area and Gündogan finds a passing solution in the axis for Fermin. The Barcelona midfielder turns around but Fran Garcia is quick to get past him. The flag rises to signal an offside by the Catalan.

21/04/24 – 22:49 – Vinicius comes out

10 minutes from the end of regular time, Ancelotti calls Vinicius back onto the bench and sends Joselu onto the pitch.

Real Madrid play a lightning counterattack after the Catalan corner. Launched by Lunin, Vinicius rushes past Pedri but closes the angle and at the last moment, attempts a shot at the near post. The left shot is powerful but Ter Stegen's hand remains firm to push back. Big heat for FC Barcelona à the 78th minute.

04/21/24 – 22:46 – Fermin contré

On the right of the opposing area, Gündogan plays behind à close to the ground for Fermin whose right shot is blocked; by a Madrid defender. The ball is put back into the area towards Joao Felix and Gündogan but Valverde takes advantage of the hesitation of the two to clear for a corner.

21/04/24 – 22:45 – Rüdiger makes a mistake

On the right of the Madrid area, Yamal slaloms between three defenders before being tackled from behind by Rüdiger. Free kick.

21/04/24 – 22:43 – Three changes for Real Madrid

Just before Lucas Vazquez's goal, Camavinga and Kroos left the lawn, replaced by Fran Garcia and Brahim. Just after the equalizer, Ancelotti plays it safe. and out comes Rodrygo for Militao.

No time to doubt for Real Madrid who prove that they can respond to the challenge. all situations. Forgotten by Cancelo and Joao Felix, Lucas Vazquez takes a cross from Vinicius and propels the ball into the Blaugrana goal. The Merengues will not have been only two minutes.

21/04/24 – 22:39 – Ter Stegen contré

< p>Ter Stegen delays à restart and does not see à his left Bellingham who does the pressing. The Englishman tackles the German goalkeeper's feet and counters but without the ball going into the Barcelona goal.

Laissé alone à right, Yamal positions himself and rolls in a left shot. In front of Lunin, Ferran Torres pretends to cut and hampers the Ukrainian who despite his attack all the reflex to push back. At 6 m, Fermin Lopez is there; to put the ball in the back and give back the advantage to FC Barcelona à the 70th minute.

04/21/24 – 22:34 – Ferran Torres signalé offside

While the stadium calls for a hand from Koundé on a cross from Vinicius, the Frenchman having deviated of the abdomen, the Barça goes against. Ferran Torres leaves à the edge of offside but is caught by Camavinga. Push&eac; behind his back, the Catalan misses his face-to-face duel; Lunin, crossing his attempt too much. Finally the flag rises to signal offside at the start of the action.

21/04/24 – 22:32 – Two changes for FC Barcelona

In the 63rd minute, Xavi continues his coaching to try to change the course of the Clasico. The Catalan technician made two strong choices by removing Lewandowski and Raphinha to send Ferran Torres and Joao Felix onto the pitch.

21/04/24&nbsp ;- 22:31 – Fermin unscrews

At the entrance to the surface, Fermin inherits ;a good ball but due to his lack of control, he positions himself badly and unscrews his shot with the left, well hampered. also by the pressing behind his back from Kroos.

21/04/24 – 22:30 – Lewandowski's bad lob

On a long opening from Araujo, Lewandowski was in perfect control and saw that Lunin had left his line to go out &agrav; his meeting. Misaligned, the Pole tries to lob the Ukrainian but misses his move.

New contentious situation in the Madrid area. To the right of the zone of truth, Pedri finds a superb side pass for Fermin. The young Blaugrana midfielder hooks outside and seems to pass but comes up against Write down who puts himself in opposition. The defenderé's gesture is appropriate. delay and clearly obstructs but the referee does not whistle.

04/21/24 – 22:22 – The counter from Vinicius does not succeed

on a backheel from Lewandowski in bad timing à Approaching the Madrid area, Bellingham recovers and sends a long ball ahead. Vinicius gets ahead of everyone but shifts slightly as he moves forward. right, push through the withdrawal of Cubarsi and Kound, before hitting hard with the right. It's largely à côté.

21/04/24 – 22:21 – Camavinga does not open up< /h3>

Yamal quickly gains the upper hand on Camavinga but the Frenchman does not dismount and through his positioning, succeeds in stay between the Catalan and his surface before stopping him.

21/04/24 – 22:20 – Koundé in master's degree

Servi à left by Modric, Vinicius launches and seeks à destabilize Kound&eac; by his support but the French international is solid and anticipates the movements of Madrid well to intervene.


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