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Real Madrid - Bayern Munich: Joselu as a hero, Neuer cursed... the match summary

In front thanks to à a goal from Davies, Bayern Munich wasé reversed in three minutes, at the end of the game, by a double; by Joselu (2-1). Real Madrid join Dortmund in the Champions League final.

< IMG Alt = "Real Madrid score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/dja5HdfqpjhbcGo4ngrpie=/450x/smart/fb4ef518b45e44359ae6a2f3a6b98494/ccmcms- 5.png " /> real Madrid 2: 1

Real Madrid - Bayern Munich: Joselu as a hero, Neuer cursed... the match summary

Bayern Munich Live

Long dominant in this part, the Madrid club has long played well. of bad luck facing à an inspired Neuer (13th, 40th, 60th, 61st) and on the left upright tapé by Vinicius (13th). On the counterattack, Bayern Munich struck; the first thanks to à Davies, well launched; in depth by Kane. The Canadian mystifiedé Rudiger before sending the ball into the top corner (0-1, 68th). On the verge of elimination, the Merengue got back to it. an improbable hero: Joselu. The scorer took advantage from a dropped ball by Neuer, on a soft strike from Vinicius, to revive hope (1-1, 89th). The attacker burst, once again, on a cross from Rudiger (2-1, 90th + 2). At the end of added time, De Ligt thought he had equalized. (90th+14), but the goal was refusal for an illicit position of Mazraoui. The referee whistled; before the goal was scored, and VAR proved that there was no offside. Enough to start a controversy, but that will not prevent Real Madrid from going to the next level. Wembley to challenge Borussia Dortmund. 

On a long ball, Mazraoui, in the duel, is foundé into the repair area. Muller played the ball back to De Ligt, who scored. The referee interrupted the action before the goal for an offside position by the Moroccan. In slow motion, it's not clear. The Bavarians are nervous. 

22:54 – Ancelotti makes one last change (90th+8)

Bellingham leaves his place to Militao. 

22:53 – Neuer's huge mistake on Joselu's first goal (90th+7 )

The German doorman missed; the easiest of his interventions. 

22:53 – Bayern Munich launches à the collision (90th+11)

Real Madrid holds up perfectly. There is no danger. 

22:51 – There are still four minutes left (90th+5)

Additional time is nine minutes. Bayern Munich are stunned. 

22:50 – Santiago Bernabéu is furious! (90e+4)

The scenario is still in progress. the advantage of Real Madrid! Meanwhile, Rudiger is suffering from cramps. 

In two minutes, Real Madrid turned everything aroundé !!!!! From a corner, in a second time, Rudiger served Joselu perfectly within five meters. The Spaniard scored a double in ten minutes! 

Neuer misses on a shot à Vinicius rebound. Joselu is the quickest and scores! 

22:43 – Bayern Munich defends & 10 (88th)

Thomas Tuchel awaits the return of Pavlovic. 

22:42 – Pavlovic remains on the ground (86th)

Bayern Munich midfielder suffers from cramps. 

22:41 – Tuchel makes two changes (85th)

Musiala and Kane leave ground. Muller and Choupo-Moting come into play. 

Served in depth by Rudiger, the Brazilian, with one touch, struck ; above the goal kept by Neuer. 

22:38 – Minjae hits the bar (82nd)

On the following corner, the South Korean touched wood. The referee had first whistled; a foul on Lunin. 

22:37 – Ancelotti makes two new changes (82nd)

Brahim and Joselu enter. Valverde and Rodrygo leave the field. We're trying everything for everything on the side. of Real Madrid. 


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