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“Redwood”: what is this new Tesla expected in 2025 ?

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For a while now, the press has regularly mentioned Tesla's future crossover, which aims to be both compact and affordable. If this project, codenamed “Redwood”, is in the pipeline, we do not yet know when it will be made official. But according to a Reuters article, the wait will not be very long. Indeed, citing sources close to the matter, the agency indicates that Tesla plans to produce this new vehicle from June 2025.

Tesla has already sent calls for tenders to its suppliers for the production of this new vehicle. And the manufacturer's objective would be to reach a weekly volume of 10,000 units per month. Regarding the price, it should be noted that Elon Musk has already mentioned his ambition to offer affordable electric cars, at $25,000.

Otherwise, as far as design is concerned, other sources suggest that the crossover could have a fairly futuristic design, and close to that of the Cybertruck. It should also be remembered that last year, Tesla published a video in which we see a design which could be that of the new model. Otherwise, in addition to this crossover, Tesla would also develop a robot taxi.

Tesla needs a more affordable model

Of course, for the moment, caution remains in order, since this information is not official. But in any case, an affordable crossover could help Tesla better face competition from affordable combustion engine cars, as well as those from Chinese brands like BYD.

In 2023, Tesla will deliver 1.8 million electric cars. For its part, BYD delivered 3 million. However, this figure also takes into account the Chinese brand's hybrid cars. If we only take into account 100% electric cars, Tesla is still ahead of its Chinese competitor, which has only delivered 1.6 million.

A price to be considered with caution

Regarding the announced price of $25,000, this should also be considered with caution. Indeed, Elon Musk sometimes makes very ambitious projections, before being overtaken by reality. For example, Tesla initially planned to sell the Cybertruck for $39,000 in the United States. But ultimately, when it was released, the starting price of the electric pickup rose to $60,990.

  • Tesla aims to offer a new vehicle at $25,000
  • Rumors are circulating on a futuristic crossover codenamed “Redwood”
  • According to Reuters sources, Tesla could begin production of this new model in 2025
  • This affordable electric car would allow Tesla to better face the competition (including that of BYD)

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