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Reims - PSG: Paris new leader of Ligue 1 after the XXL performances of Mbappé and Donnarumma, the summary

PSG took care of its release at Reims this Saturday, November 11, winning largely (3-0). Luis Enrique's men were worn by the triplet by Kylian Mbappé and waterproofing by the impressive Gianluigi Donnarumma. In the standings, Paris is the new leader of Ligue 1.

Reims - PSG: Paris new leader of Ligue 1 after the XXL performances of Mbappé and Donnarumma, the summary

Reims 0: 3

Reims - PSG: Paris new leader of Ligue 1 after the XXL performances of Mbappé and Donnarumma, the summary

PSG Live

PSG came out on top. Reims and goes to the top of Ligue 1 (3-0). Kylian Mbappé gets into action very quickly and gives the advantage to the player. his team on a magnificent recovery. Ousmane Dembélé is the decisive passer (3rd). But after this goal, Paris will be caught up by the very heavy pressing of the Rémois who are thinking of equalizing straight away through Ito (7th). The collective movement is magnificent but the assistant referee raises his flag to cancel the Japanese goal. It is then the start of the Donnarumma festival which saves his team at home. three times. À At the break, the Rémois took the lead. twelve times and have framed three attempts all repulsed very well by the Italian wall. Luis Enrique makes a change the break. Vitinha replaces Ramos and consolidates his midfield. Paid coaching for the Spanish technician because his team suffers less and will take the break just before the hour mark thanks to Mr goal Kylian Mbappé (58th). The French striker scores his double on a counter model and a gift from Carlos Soler. After a few more stops from Donnarumma, Kylian Mbappé will even register a hat-trick. on a new counter perfectly carried out; (82nd). A few minutes later, the former Monegasque is still behind. the wand but will be deprived quadruplet because Yehvann Diouf's bar saves the Stade de Reims. In the standings, PSG passes Nice at the top of Ligue 1 and will spend the international break warm at the top of the French Championship standings.

19:00 – Mbappé's first words

After this Reims – PSG, Kylian Mbappé stopped at PrimeVideo's microphone to deliver his first impressions: "We wanted to win to take the lead in the Championship. Çfelt good to score a hat-trick; but the most important thing is to have good feelings on the pitch." 

18:55 – "They have a very good goalkeeper", breath Daramy

The Reims center forward mentioned Very quickly the performance of Gianluigi Donnarumma in this Reims – PSG: "We made a good start despite the odds. the goal conceded. We took the ball, we played; but we did not succeed in achieving this. to mark. They have a very good goalkeeper. He's so big and very good on his line."

It's over! This Reims – PSG ends with a clear score. Paris won 3-0 on the pitch in Reims thanks to a hat-trick by Kylian Mbappé and the numerous stops of Gianluigi Donnarumma. In the standings, Luis Enrique's men pass Nice. 

18:48 – Three minutes of added time (90')

The additional time of this Reims – PSG is known: there will be three minutes more at least.&nbsp ;

The scorer that is Kylian Mbappé is not satisfied with a hat-trick and keep trying. After having been blocked by Diouf, it is the bar which pushes back the powerful strike of the French international in this Reims – PSG. 

The Reims goalkeeper saves his team while Kylian Mbappé had, initially, eliminated Yehvann Diouf who did not demobilize. to intervene. 

Paris adds a third goal in this Reims – PSG thanks to Kylian Mbappé who is served conveniently by Bradley Barcola. The Parisians are merciless; on the counter.

18:39 – Carlos Soler comes out (81')

Author of a second decisive pass in this Reims – PSG, Carlos Soler is replaced by Lucas Hernandez.

18:35 – Ndour makes his entry (77')

New change for the Parisians in this Reims – PSG with the entrance of Cher Ndour to Kang-in Lee's place. 

18:33 – Ito can't find a partner (75')

Khadra makes a big difference in midfield and shifts Ito who cannot find a teammate on a diving cross. The Rémois are still silent in this Reims – PSG. 

18:31 – Change for Paris (73')

Ousmane Dembél&eacute ; gives up his place after having delivered the order. a decisive pass in this Reims – PSG. Bradley Barcola replaced him for the last 20 minutes of this match.

What a sensational save from Gianluigi Donnarumma who made a stratospheric Reims – PSG. On a recovery at agrave; point blank from Munetsi, the Parisian goalkeeper takes the ball out. Incredible!

18:28 – A double change for Reims (70')

Will Still wants to restart the machine in this Reims – PSG and proceeds to ; two changes. Khadra and Diakité come into play and replace Foket and Richardson. 

What a combination between the two French internationals. The ball raised by Ousmane Dembélé is volleyed by Kylian Mbappé but Diouf prevents the former Monegasque from scoring a hat-trick. in this Reims – PSG.

18:23 – Reims took a blow to the head (65')

This second Parisian goal in this Reims – PSG seems to have hurt Will Still's men who can no longer manage to score. engage the same pressing that they did in the first period. The Parisians manage their advantage.

18:21 – Ça goes over for Vitinha (63')

The Portuguese midfielder returns on his right foot and curls a ball which passes over the cages of Yehvann Diouf. 

18:19 – The rescue of Marquinhos (60')

< p>The Rémois are very poorly paid in this Reims – PSG. Munetsi was very close to completing a brilliant pass from Daramy but the Parisian captain pushed the ball with his foot and saved his team. 

Superb against the Parisians who crucified Ré months who exposed themselves a little too much. Ousmane Dembélé launches Carlos Soler who then finds Mbappé in the center who stood out.

18:15 – Ousmane Dembélé rolls up (57')

The former Rennais decides to undertake an individual breakthrough which ends with a curling shot which does not catch Diouf's frame.

The Italian goalkeeper is on the move finished his superb first period and repels a powerful header on his line. Paris continues to do very well in this Reims – PSG.

18:10 – Mbappé pushed too hard (52')

Apart from his goal in this Reims – PSG, the Parisian striker is struggling to improve. overwhelm Agbadou who shows flawless rigor.

18:09 – Abdelhamid is booked (51')

Logical warning for the Reims captain in this Reims – PSG after a jersey clash on Warren Zaïre-Emery who made the difference in his control. 

18:06 – Ito congratulates (48')

The Reims bench harangues the Japanese at squeeze Nordi Mukiele. Junya Ito performs and she likes it his staff.

18:04 – A change at the same time half-time (46')

Luis Enrique decided to score to make a change half-time of this Reims – PSG. Vitinha comes on and replaces Gonçalo Ramos. The Spanish coach therefore decides to strengthen the Parisian midfield.


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