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Religion, a hobby horse more straddled by Trump

Of the two main candidates à the White House, only one goes à mass on Sunday: Joe Biden, who is Catholic. And yet it is Donald Trump who sells Bibles, compares himself to Jesus Christ and poses as defender of Easter.

Through his spokesperson Karoline Leavitt, the Republican tribune demanded an “apology” from Joe Biden, the executive having recognized March 31 as “day of visibility for transgender people”.

However, this year, March 31 coincided with Easter Sunday. Enough to allow the Trumpist apparatus, by a questionable shortcut, to assert that the Democratic president “declared Easter Sunday transgender day”, according to them “blasphemy”.

– “Trans” preferred to God –

Religion, a hobby horse more straddled by Trump

Joe Biden and the Easter Bunny at the White House on April 1, 2024 © AFP – SAUL LOEB

The Republican candidate was supported by various barons united under the banner “Make America Great Again”, including his son. “This is the new religion of the left. They want people to give thanks to the transgender flag instead of God. They must be stopped,” wrote Donald Trump Junior.

On this Monday supposed to foreshadow a peaceful and radiant eternity for Christians, Joe Biden and his wife attended the traditional egg race in the garden of the presidential residence. The child's game, which is played with a spoon, consists of pushing an egg onto the lawn, in the presence of a giant rabbit, the symbol of Easter in the United States.

But even these innocent eggs, decorated by the toddlers as part of a party supervised by the First Lady, found themselves plunged into the pot of controversy.

– Eggs of Discord –

Religion, a hobby horse more straddled by Trump

The traditional Easter egg hunt at the White House, April 1, 2024 © AFP – SAUL LOEB

“It’s dismaying and insulting to see that Joe Biden’s White House has banned children from making religious designs on eggs,” attacked Karoline Leavitt.

An argument swept aside by Elizabeth Alexander, communications director for Jill Biden, who retorted that the Easter egg decorating instructions had not changed in 45 years.

Any Easter truce in the electoral campaign being therefore illusory, Donald Trump published during the weekend a deluge of acerbic messages, sometimes written in capital letters, targeting his usual targets, including the special prosecutor Jack Smith responsible for investigating on his alleged attempt to reverse the result of the 2020 presidential election.

– $60 Bibles –

In contrast, Joe Biden marked Christianity's most important holiday, which commemorates the resurrection of Jesus according to theology, with a sober message of unity. About two-thirds of adults identify as Christians in the United States, a country whose national motto is “In God We Trust.”

Religion, a hobby horse more straddled by Trump

Joe Biden leaving the church on March 23, 2024 © AFP – Jim WATSON

“Easter reminds us of the power of hope and the promise of Christ's resurrection,” the Democratic president wrote.

More generally, observers note a tendency for Donald Trump to play more of the religion card, in meetings with increasing messianic overtones. Where the famous red caps displaying “Jesus is my savior, Trump is my president” are sold.

Last Tuesday, the ex-businessman announced a partnership aimed at selling Bibles, at a unit price of 60 dollars.

Religion, a hobby horse more straddled by Trump

A man holds up a Bible and a Trump flag in front of the Pennsylvania Capitol on May 15, 2020. © GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA – Mark Makela

This strategy is not new for the septuagenarian whom his relatives sometimes present as “crucified” by a corrupt judicial system and who was able to count, in 2016 and 2020, on the electoral support of evangelicals.

During his recent resounding appearance at the New York court, devoted to the financial frauds of his real estate empire, the Republican republished a court sketch where we see him sitting in the courtroom… right next to Jesus Christ.

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