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Renault lifts the veil on the prices of its 100% electric Scenic (and that’s good news)

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After having redesigned its essential Mégane with a 100% electric version, Renault is now tackling the classic Scenic. Presented at the IAA Mobility show in Munich last September, we were able to discover the Renault Scenic E-Tech from all angles.

With a remarkable design, and with an impressive technical sheet, the Renault Scenic E-Tech has nothing to be ashamed of. The electric vehicle therefore has more than one trick up its sleeve. Despite everything, Renault preferred not to really address the question of price. However, the French manufacturer promised affordable prices. All that was left to do was wait for the end of the story.

To start 2024 off right, Renault has chosen to (finally) reveal the price of its Renault Scenic E-Tech. Good news: the car manufacturer did not lie and the French prices of this new 100% electric vehicle are completely reasonable.

Yay: the 100% electric Renault Scenic is launched for less than €40,000

While the Tesla Model Y is available from 45,990 euros with a range of 455 kilometers, Renault is striking a blow. Its Renault Scenic E-Tech will be marketed from 39,990 euros for a range of 430 kilometers (WLTP) thanks to a 60 kWh battery. This model will be able to count on a 170 hp electric motor. If you dream of greater autonomy, you will have to aim for models equipped with an 87 kWh (220 hp) battery starting at 46 990 euros.

Price of the 100% electric Renault Scenic:

60 kWh (170 hp) battery

  • Evolution: 39€990
  • Techno : 41&990€

87 kWh (220 hp) battery

  • Techno : 46 990€
  • Alpine Spirit: 48 990 €
  • Iconic: 52€490

Renault is extremely clever so that you can benefit from the ecological bonus, whatever version of the Renault Scenic E-Tech that interests you. Remember that the ecological bonus, among other criteria, concerns electric vehicles which do not exceed 47,000 euros.

Renault lifts the veil on the prices of its 100% electric Scenic (and that’s good news)

© Renault

Theoretically, only the 60 kWh versions and the 87 kWh model with the first trim level can benefit from it. But Renault plays on words and presents its two highest finishing levels, respectively at 48,990 euros and 52,490 euros, as optional packs. Result of the races ? The entire Scenic E-Tech range should be eligible for the 2024 ecological bonus. An advantage which is significant in attracting motorists.

Let us clarify that it is not a question of deceiving buyers with “obligatory” options but of allowing them to benefit from the ecological bonus even by purchasing a vehicle which exceeds the ceiling imposed by the government . Therefore, drivers will be able to save 4,000 euros and that is always a good thing.

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