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A repeat sexual predator declared a dangerous offender

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“The profile of Michel Cox Vautour is exceptional and he represents irreducible risks,” declared judge Jean-Jacques Gagné at the courthouse in Montreal, Tuesday. (Archive photo)

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In August 2020, Michel Cox Vautour attempted to kidnap a 16-year-old girl in broad daylight in the Outremont district.

The profile of Michel Cox Vautour is exceptional and he represents irreducible risks, declared judge Jean-Jacques Gagné at the Montreal courthouse.< /p>

Michel Vautour receives dangerous offender status and an indefinite prison sentence, one of the most severe penalties.

Mr. Vautour underwent numerous therapies, numerous programs and despite everything reoffended by kidnapping a minor with the intention of sexually assaulting her, so the only way to protect society was an indeterminate sentence.

A quote from Annabelle Sheppard, Crown prosecutor responsible for the case

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The Crown prosecutor in charge of the case, Annabelle Sheppard

In August 2020, Michel Vautour attempted to kidnap a 16-year-old girl while she was walking on Saint-Viateur Street in Montreal. He falsely presented himself as a police officer, tied her hands and blindfolded her while forcing her into the back of his vehicle.

The young victim then screamed at the top of her lungs and managed to open the door. Passersby witnessed the scene. Michel Vautour fled before being arrested in the evening, in Saint-Jérôme, after a police chase.

Before changing his name, Michel Vautour was called Michel Cox. He served a 13-year prison sentence for kidnapping and sexually assaulting eight women aged 14 to 25 between 2002 and 2004. He followed his victims as they exited the bus, grabbed them from behind and put a knife to the throat and then rape them.

The judgment of the Court of Quebec rendered in 2005 described the crimes committed by Michel Cox as marked by violence and brutality and specified that his actions were premeditated and well planned.

Michel Vautour was released in 2017 after serving two-thirds of his sentence. In March 2020, he broke his statutory release conditions. His case management team had recommended the revocation of his release, which was not accepted by the release commissioner. Michel Vautour remained in a halfway house until his arrest in August 2020.

Michel Vautour had pleaded guilty to the attempted kidnapping of the 16-year-old girl. He said he was a victim of the correctional service and claimed to have acted in a spirit of revenge.

This explanation is absurd and almost burlesque, declared Judge Gagné. Although no sexual crime was committed, the circumstances of this case support an inference that the crime was sexually motivated, he added.

The court also highlighted the strength of character and bravery of the young victim.

It will never go away, it will always be an event that happened, but with the sentence established, I can move on, she declared as she left the court.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hNZoeU">She also denounced the fact that Michel Vautour was released in 2017.

Knowing his past, that he was able to be released, and that this is still happening, proves that in fact, there are problems. He was still able to go free even though there had been eight victims before, she added.

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