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Result of the 2022 presidential election: scores and results of the election

“Result of the 2022 presidential election: scores and results of the election”

PRESIDENTIAL 2022. Emmanuel Macron was re-elected president of the Republic at the outcome of the 2022 presidential election. From the irruption of Zemmour to the historic score of the RN, through the division of the left or even the abstention, here is what to remember from the election and of its result…

The results of the presidential election near you

Emmanuel Macron was re-elected for a second term as President of the Republic on Sunday April 24, 2022, at the outcome of the presidential election, facing each other Marine Le Pen, receiving 58.55% of the votes cast, or 18,768,639 votes, as proclaimed by Marine Le Pen. the Constitutional Council on April 27, 2022. A victory for the outcome of a particular campaign, which did not really interest anyone. the French, marked by the constant repetition in the polls of a final poster between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, which most voters nevertheless said they did not want.

This 2022 presidential election will also have been characterized by the irruption of Eric Zemmour who came to dynamite, for a time only, the political game, while the left displayed its support. brought its divisions to light and appeared irreconcilable, to the great dismay of its electorate. What to remember from the 12th presidential election of the Fifth Republic.


What do the 2022 presidential results cards say?

The 2022 presidential election also confirmed the political trend that has been emerging since the emergence of Emmanuel Macron in 2017: France is now divided into three major political trends. The majority bloc, liberal and progressive, incarnated by by Emmanuel Macron; the conservative and nationalist bloc carried by by Marine Le Pen; the radical left bloc led by by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. A tripartite France therefore, far from the traditional divide known for decades between left and right. To the President of the Republic the wealthiest territories, to its rival rural France, to the tribune of the left the popular lands and a few large cities.

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For Emmanuel Macron, this new success in the face of Marine Le Pen, after that of 2017, was dropped out in a very particular context. Firstly because the resident of the Elysée was late in arriving. à get started in the race. It’s only at the end of the day. through a "Letter to the French" published in the regional daily press on March 3, 2022 that the head of state has to new request voter confidence. His first round campaign will have been express with a single big meeting organized à the Paris La Défense Arena in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), in the midst of the management of the crisis in Ukraine.

It was only once he had qualified in the second round that the former Minister of the Economy accelerated, increasing his travels in contact with the population, before debating serenely in the face of its rival, leading to; his re-election without having given the feeling of having exhausted yourself à the task. It must be said that since he settled in at the palace in 2017, 'Jupiter', as he is nicknamed, never seemed like he was there. able to be beaten by anyone. The left having presented itself in the ballot fragmented, the right having lost its electorate to the benefit of the head of state, and the extreme right not being able to move To break his glass ceiling, Emmanuel Macron could legitimately claim to a new five-year term.

If it was once again worn in power, the project carried out by Emmanuel Macron received much less support than in 2017. If he obtained more votes in the first round in 2022 than five years previously (+1.1 million), fewer votes were cast. counted in his favor in the 2nd round of 2022 compared to 2017 (-1.9 million). Enough to represent the support of only 38.5% of those registered compared to 43.61% in the previous election. Face to face Marine Le Pen, the "republican front" worn by all political leaders (except the far right) did not receive the same response as in 2017, when Emmanuel Macron won the election. the election with 66% of the votes.

What to remember from Marine Le Pen's score in this election? the 2022 presidential election?

For the first time in history, the National Rally for its part exceeded its number. the 40% mark at a presidential election, Marine Le Pen receiving 13,288,686 votes in the second round, on April 24. The candidate of the National Rally was boosted compared to 2017 (33.90%, or a little more than 10.6 million votes at the time) by the progression of its de-demonization campaign, blatant in the 39;between two rounds and in particular during the debate, where she tried to to display an image of seriousness and serenity.

Marine Le Pen also benefited from this ballots for an “Everything but Macron” vote, whose little music was heard between the two rounds. A sanction vote which for a time may have fueled the fear of a victory for the far right and which was not resolved. compensated only thanks to the barrage of votes from the left. All this, in the context of an almost historic abstention in the 2nd round with 28.01% of voters who did not come, i.e. 13,655,861 registered, a level never before achieved since 1969 (31.1%).

What can we learn from Jean-Luc Mélenchon's result at this time? the 2022 presidential election?

For five years, he rehearsed à the desire to be passed à next to it of the 2nd round of 2017 to Nearly 600,000 votes. This time, Jean-Luc Mélenchon came to fail. à barely more than 400,000 votes. The candidate of France Insoumise failed. à third place on April 10, 2022, during the first round of voting, with 21.95% of the votes, or 7,712,520 votes. A new defeat at the gates of the difficult 2nd round. to digest for the left-wing tribune and his supporters, given the fragmentation of the left for the election. These 400,000 votes, the deputy Bouches-du-Rhône could easily have drawn them from the electorate of Yannick Jadot, Fabien Roussel or even Anne Hidalgo. But for lack of unity, the left was scuttled.

Whatever the attempt at conciliation carried out by the process of the Popular Primary, leading to an ephemeral attempt by Christiane Taubira, who did not even succeed in achieving the goal. collect the 500 signatures necessary to compete. The talks for a union behind a common project had not succeeded in any case due to significant differences on certain programmatic aspects. The communists, for their part, even advanced. that having rallied à LFI in 2012 and 2017 had not allowed access to the second round, thus pushing them to go it alone. But none of the parishes other than that of LFI exceeded this figure. the 5%.

If the result of the presidential election does not suffer from any dispute, the campaign, although it did not fascinate the public. the crowds, was animated by the irruption of Eric Zemmour into the middle of the political game. From the start of summer In 2021, the beginnings of the polemicist's arrival on the presidential scene are being felt. Everything accelerated. during the release of his latest book France has not said its last word. The usual from the sets of CNews then embarked on a tour of France to, officially, present and talk about his work. Everywhere he passes, the former journalist from Figaropacked house. Behind the scenes, he is actually preparing a job application. the presidential election.

As the weeks go by, the rumor becomes certainty, to the point that polling institutes include it in their opinion surveys on voting intentions, even though it is not has not officially declared itself. The announcement was finally made at the beginning of December. Eric Zemmour then jostles with Marine Le Pen in the polls, rising up to 100%. 16%. To the point, sometimes, of doubling the RN candidate in voting intentions. But his campaign is running out of steam and, despite several rallies and the media arrival of Marion Maréchal, will never take off again. To the point that Eric Zemmour finally finished with 7.07% of the votes cast, not stopping Marine Le Pen – on whom he hit – from winning. throughout the campaign – to qualify.

This 2022 presidential election has also been a challenge. marked by a major turning point: the end of historical parties. The Socialist Party was already on the edge of the abyss, Anne Hidalgo jumped inside feet together and led to it. his political family. After a mock primary, the mayor of Paris persisted in trying to win the election. wanting to go to the end without ever exceeding the 5% mark in the polls, during a campaign which never took off. She finished with the pitiful score of 1.75% under the banner of a party that had nevertheless managed to win. in power ten years earlier with François Hollande.

An equally catastrophic scenario has emerged. at Les Républicains. After internal quarrels over the nomination of the candidate (Xavier Bertrand wanting to go alone), Valérie Pécresse finally represented the candidate. the right after a designation of activists in December. Too late, denounced some. But is it only because of a tight schedule? that the president of the Ile-de-France region has not managed to achieve this. to create any dynamic behind her project, despite a first post-primary poll giving her the ability to beat Emmanuel Macron?

The former minister of ;National Education did not raise the crowds, seeing certain historic figures slip into the hands of Emmanuel Macron, even without officialization. A tutelary figure of the Republicans, a party that he himself founded, Nicolas Sarkozy never pushed for change. the candidacy of his ex-minister. The result is catastrophic: with 4.78%, campaign costs will not be reimbursed. A total rout, symbol of the new political era.

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