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Many French people use this account but there is a calendar. respect to pay money into it and avoid fees.

It's a puzzle that we often think about too late: how to pass on assets (financial, real estate or other) to the next generation. his children without making them pay excessively high inheritance fees? Some people are trying to resolve this equation belatedly. According to the few estimates established by various organizations, only 20% of French people would have to do so. pay inheritance fees. In the event of a death, the vast majority die. of the population would therefore be spared by what is also called "death tax".

Retirees must pay money into it without delay: this bank account helps their children save money

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This is made possible by regulations that are advantageous for most French people: no tax is payable. pay within the limit of 100,000 euros transmitted à each child, within 10 years. In a couple, it's even simpler: no fees apply in the context of an inheritance between a married couple, regardless the amount of assets. For those who have more than 100,000 euros in assets   transmit à each child, a system exists to lower the grade à pay taxes. However, certain rules are subject to change. respect it scrupulously as it may not be useful à nothing if they are not followed à the letter.

When you have a current account ' At the bank, advisors often also offer to open life insurance. This is a savings, which can be regularly funded, and which grants interest eects at the end of the year, more or less high depending on the one chosen. Above all, its main advantage is that the money towards on this account can be transmitted to & anyone, according to their wishes, without paying taxes. An undeniable asset in the preparation of one's succession.

Be careful however: only sums paid before the age of 70 on the contract can revert to the children without them having to pay for the contract. agrave; pay inheritance fees, up to a limit of 152,500 euros, explain the taxes. Beyondà of this sum, the State takes 20%. Furthermore, payments made after turning 70 are subject to inheritance fees. Therefore, it is essential to fund your life insurance before this age.

In France, 4 million people are between 65 and 69 years old and should therefore not delay in adding funds to this account in order to ;#39;éspare their successors from certain tax costs.

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