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Review Fiasco (Netflix): the opposite of a disaster

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To end the month of April, Netflix is ​​releasing a new series: Fiasco. Previewed during the CANNESERIES festival a few days ago, the series is finally available on Netflix. And contrary to what its title suggests, the new production of the N rouge is (very) far from being a failure. Behind the camera, we find Igor Gotesman, but also Pierre Niney. Together, the two friends have already made us laugh out loud with Casting(s).

Fiasco takes us to the set of a film which turns into a real disaster. The plot promises us some great laughs, just like its 5-star cast. But is the series really that hilarious?? We tell you everything in our review of Fiasco.

A disaster under control

What's funnier than seeing absurd problems pile up ? Raphaël Valande has the chance to shoot his first film : A resistant woman. Against the advice of his farming family, the young director follows his dreams and wants to pay tribute to his grandmother Huguette, whose past as a resistance fighter is admirable. For this tribute, the filmmaker has in mind an adventure spanning the ages in which his grandmother is the heroine. But the filming of this first film will not go as planned…

Played by Pierre Niney, Raphaël Valande's character doesn't have the shoulders to lead a team and he is far too clumsy and clumsy for everything to go well. Far from being the brightest beacon in the port, the young man wants to do so much well that he does everything wrong and immerses himself in lies and confusion. To make matters worse, the filming is threatened by a crow, ready to sabotage everything from the inside. Who is it ? Why ? How ? The fact remains that problems accumulate on the set and the filming turns into a nightmare. And we, the spectators, have a great time.

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Igor Gotesman offers us characters, each more eccentric and offbeat than the last, and does not hesitate to combine absurd and highly uncomfortable situations to provide us with many sincere laughs. Nothing goes wrong in Fiascoand that is indeed all its strength. No character is there to catch up with the other, no situation smooths out the previous one. We are treated to everything: the stupid, uncomfortable and manipulative director, his stupid and extravagant best friend, the nerdy and completely out-of-the-way producer, the gruff assistant director, the poor intern lost, the cantankerous grandmother (and worse), the makeup artist who doesn't have very good breath…

As in quicksand, we sink into the absurd with increasingly uncomfortable and disconcerting situations. The wreck of the film A resistant woman is a bit like the impossibility of looking away when you pass an accident on the highway.

Fiasco is filmed like a documentary that intends to dissect the chaotic filming. The genre mockumentatyallows us to blur the barrier between fiction and reality, and offers us truly delicious moments. Netflix's new series shows that cringe and awkward humor are an art and when mastered, it's truly hilarious.

The series brings together big names in humor, such as Pierre Niney, François Civil, Géradline Nakache, Pascal Demolon and Louise Coldefy. Each actor is impeccable in their role.

Review Fiasco (Netflix): the opposite of a disaster

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Fiasco: skip or mate?

If you are a fan of absurd humor, cringe, uncomfortable moments, The Office, Family Business, by Pierre Niney, you will love Fiasco. The series is made up of seven episodes of approximately 35 minutes and is available on Netflix. Suffice to say that it is conducive to binge-watching.

It’s a pleasure to find Igor Gotesman and Pierre Niney behind the cameras, but also in front. Fiasco is a wave of freshness on a hot day. A ray of sunshine on a gray day. The series doesn't take itself seriously, and that's what we like.

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