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Revolution in transport: the revenge of the bicycle on the car

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It is a silent revolution, but one which has not escaped Parisians. According to a study carried out by the Paris Region Institute, the bicycle now exceeds the car in the French capital and in the Petite Couronne.

A fairly recent development

To obtain this result, the experts conducted their survey among 3,337 Ile-de-France residents aged 16 to 80 between October 2022 and April 2023. The latter were equipped with a GPS tracker which monitored their movements for seven consecutive days.

In detail, we can see that the modal share of cycling is 11% in Paris compared to 4% for the car. However, walking remains largely in the majority and represents 53% of trips.

Same trend in the Little Crown, even if the scores are closer: 14 and 12%. But public transport is popular here (66%). Finally, the bicycle only accounts for 4% of trips beyond in Île-de-France, proof that a level still remains to be overcome.

As noted rightly Cleanrider, cycling is often used for commuting (13% of the modal share). In this register, public transport (45%) and the car (33%) however remain dominant in the Paris region.

In any case, these results remain no less impressive. 20 Minutesrecalls that according to a study by the Paris Region Institute, cycling represented only 3% of journeys in Paris in 2010. This phenomenon seems set to last. Moreover, according to the Paris town hall counting system, the use of cycle paths doubled over the period from October 2022 to October 2023.

Paris is not representative of the rest of France

We can in any case note that the French capital remains a somewhat different case in the country. We recently told you about this barometer published by Alphabet and the IFOP institute on the means of travel of the French on their home-work journey.

It thus appears that the car remains ultra dominant: 75% of working people favor this mode of transport, far ahead of gentle modes of travel: walking, cycling, or even scooters. We invite you to reread our article to learn about this investigation. If you live in Paris, were you aware that the bicycle was supplanting the car? Tell us in the comments.

What it must remember:

  • In inner Paris and in the inner suburbs, the bicycle now exceeds the car
  • It's a revolution that happened quite recently
  • The tricolor capital is not representative of the rest of France where the car remains ultra dominant

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