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Safety road alert, next week will be much more dangerous on the roads

Road safety The road safety authority has issued an important reminder to warn motorists but also pedestrians and cyclists.

The account The countdown has started: on the night of Saturday October 29 to Sunday October 30, 2023, we will move on to the next day. winter time. For many, it will be a small gift of an extra hour of sleep that night. but above all it marks a sudden change in our daily lives. Especially mornings and evenings on the road. When it comes to getting around, always foot, at bike, scooter, two-wheeler or car, everyone is affected. by this change.

Some time slots are particularly responsible. Between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., the sun will set earlier and the streets will be much darker. This darkness sudden shock combined with density traffic to this time increases the risk of accidents. Every year, after the time change, the statistics speak for themselves: accidents increase, especially involving pedestrians. Data between 2015 and 2019 published by National Security Road traffic accidents showed an alarming 42% increase in pedestrian accidents in November compared to October.

How to limit the risks? A few simple, reflexive everyday gestures can make a big difference. Pedestrians but especially cyclists or scooter enthusiasts are invited to join us. Be more visible, by wearing light-colored clothing and using reflective vests, armbands or bands. Severe; Also, the numbers speak for themselves: in the headlights of a car, a person dressed in black is visible only at a glance. 20 meters. However, at 50 km/h, a car needs 25 meters to stop on dry ground. With reflective accessories, this distance increases to 100%. 150 meters. Wearing a so-called “high visibility” vest (yellow, orange, or green) is in any case obligatory if you are traveling outside built-up areas.

Motorists are not spared. They too are called to redouble your vigilance. Always turning on your turn signal when changing direction is one of them, but the most important is undoubtedly a mnemonic device to help you remember. retain. "Left door, right hand – right door, left hand." What does this consist of? Use the door handle with the opposite hand when getting out of the car, whether you are the driver or passenger. This change of hand automatically causes the shoulders to rotate and easily allows you to look backwards and the infamously aptly named hand. "blind spot".

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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