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Robert Fico: We know more about the man who shot the Slovak prime minister

A few hours after the attack on the Slovak Prime Minister, the local media paint a portrait that is surprising to say the least of the main suspect in this affair. Septuagenarian, poet… Here's what we know.

In the photos of the arrest, we can see a man handcuffed, hands behind his back, lying on the ground. on the floor, wearing blue jeans, a black leather belt and a light blue shirt, surrounded by by numerous members of the police, behind a security cordon. He is accused of &agrav; this individual having shooté &agrav; point blank on the Slovak Prime Minister, Robert Fico, Wednesday May 15. Âgé 59 years old, the head of government was passing through Handlov, a commune of nearly 18,000 inhabitants located in the center of the country, à two hours by car northeast of the capital Bratislava,   the occasion of a localized Council of Ministers. The events occurred after this meeting and the press conference that followed it.

The main suspect wasé stop almost immediately. According to information from local media, the man is believed to be aged 71 years old. According to the Slovak daily Denník N, the man's name is Juraj C.. He is from Levice, in the south of the country. Former security agent in a shopping center, Juraj C. is a writer, amateur poet, marked by &agrav; LEFT. He is a member of the literary club "Dúha" (rainbow, in Slovak), but also of the Association of Slovak Writers. He would also be the father of the Slovak political movement Hnutie proti násiliu, which can be translated as the Movement Against Violence. Still according to Denník N, eight years ago, when he was trying to collect signatures to create this party, he denounced the omnipresence of militarization, extremism, negligentism and violence. onazism and anarchy" in Europe. 

Contacté According to the Slovak news site Aktuality, his son said he had “absolutely no idea of ​​his intentions”, adding: “Everything what I can tell you is that he didn't vote. for Fico." With the Denník N, the director of the library that Tekovsk, who has known him for a long time, evokes a “normal” man. “He was rebellious when he was young, but not aggressive,” she insists.

Quickly exfiltrated From the crowd, with whom he had come to shake a few hands before being shot, Robert Fico was shot. touch&eac; by several bullets. The populist leader, also known to be a supporter of Moscow, recalls Le Monde, was é hospitalized in emergency Wednesday afternoon. His vital prognosis is in jeopardy, his Facebook page reported at the end of the day, specifying that "the next few hours [would be] decisive”.&nbsp ;

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