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Rock thrower: new accusations against Corriveau

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The rocks thrown on the vehicles reach a diameter of around twelve centimeters. (Archive photo.)


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Eight new charges of mischief and assault with a weapon have been filed against Jonathan Corriveau. This is the man who allegedly threw large rocks at around forty vehicles on Chemin Ste-Catherine, in the Sherbrooke and Magog area, since the end of January.

The new charges concern facts which occurred between February 6 and 13, explains Me Frédérique Malouin, public prosecutor .

Since the media coverage of the case, around thirty new complaints have been filed with the Sherbrooke Police Department. Since the filing of new charges on February 22, the media coverage has continued and the complaints have continued to come in, continues Frédérique Malouin.

We continue to receive complaints from people who continue to hear about it in the media.

A quote from Me Frédérique Malouin, public prosecutor

The public prosecutor also objects to the postponement the suspect is free. We consider that if he were released, there would be a risk for the population that offenses like these would recur and that is what we want to avoid, she emphasizes.

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We hope that he remains detained for the rest of the procedures.

A quote from Frédérique Malouin, public prosecutor

Jonathan Corriveau was in court this Tuesday for his request for an investigation into pro forma release. His case was ultimately pushed back to March 12. He remains detained until further proceedings.

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