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Rockstar (GTA) is losing its veterans< /p> © Rockstar

While the whole world is feverishly awaiting the first trailer of GTA 6 which will officially arrive next month, the news of departure from the studio is continuing at the moment. Has Rockstar become less attractive as the years go by?Less free with your creations? In any case, big names are fleeing the ship.

Hello Dan

Remember 3 years ago now, Rockstar Games had already suffered a shock when the emblematic co-founder of the studio, but also screenwriter of each of the games produced Dan Houser, had left the ship after 23 years of good and loyal service strong>. A hard blow for the studio he founded with his brother Sam, of which he now remains the sole president.

It is to this genius that we owe the perfect scenario of Red Dead Redemption 2, but also the creation of GTA in all its criticism of the United States. Dan has since created his own studio called Absurd Ventures, whose future productions still remain a mystery.

All we know for now is that Houser intends to make it a multimedia studio, which will not only tackle the creation of video games. p>

The brain drain

If the story could have ended there, we still wonder what impact Dan Houser's departure will have on the Rockstar games.

However, it doesn't stop there since two personalities from the studio recently left Rockstar Games to join Absurd Ventures. So it's the creative director of Rockstar Lazlow Jones as well asMichael Unsworth, important screenwriter for the studio, who recently joined Dan Houser's new adventure.

If the big names at Rockstar Games are ready to follow the former co-founder of the studio, there is no doubt that they will be joined by other employees soon . So should we be worried about GTA 6, whose development costs are expected to be staggering? Only time will tell.

  • Dan Houser, co-founder of Rockstar Games, left to found its own studio.
  • Called Absurd Ventures, the studio aims to launch into the creation of video games, but also other media.
  • Since then, two important figures from Rockstar have joined him, including the studio's former creative director.

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