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Romance scam: 4 tips to avoid the worst

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The number sends shivers down your spine. In 2020, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a study regarding romance scams. It turns out that these types of scams made $304 million that year and cost each victim $2,500.

Four years later, the risks continue to grow. Without falling into paranoia, it is therefore advisable to apply simple rules of caution to take full advantage of these opportunities without ever being fooled. It is precisely in this sense that a new blog post from the cybersecurity company Kaspersky is timely.

1) Verify the identity of the person you met

You can do this by performing reverse image searches on the Internet. If the person appears on multiple pages with different names, it is likely a scam. Likewise, if you spot inconsistencies between his words and his profile, it is better to be wary.

Also run away if your interlocutor expresses intense and sudden love when they barely know you, especially if this is accompanied by requests for money. You can also make video calls. This allows you to both verify the identity of your contact and see if there is any connection between you.

2) Secure your online data

People you meet online are sometimes great, but some don't want you to be happy. You must therefore be careful to protect your information on social networks by adjusting the confidentiality settings. Also check your friends lists and followers and delete unwanted ones.

3) Share your information intelligently

Never reveal too much detail about where you live or work. When sharing information, you should only reveal your data gradually, once the relationship is truly established and trust reigns. Kaspersky also advises thinking twice before sharing emotionally charged or intimate content. The idea is to avoid any risk to physical security or that this data is used for harassment or hacking purposes.

4) Tips for meeting offline

Experts suggest choosing public, well-lit places for a first meeting. Likewise, it is better to manage your own transport for the outward and return journey. Finally, they recommend a system of contacting a friend or family member to make sure everything is going well.

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