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Russia ready to carry out “violent actions” to destabilize France ?

In a note from the DGSI, which BFMTV was able to consult, French domestic intelligence does not exclude the possibility of that “actions of a violent nature can be sponsored”, affirming that the threats of destabilization by Russia are real.

Four months ago, when the conflict between Israel and Hamas began, sparking intense anger within the company In France, dozens of blue stars of David had been destroyed. tagged on different building facades in the Paris region and in Paris itself. While some shouted à Anti-Semitism, a Moldovan couple were finally arrested. stopped. France subsequently denounced it, as relayed Le Monde, which was in fact nothing other than 'Russian digital engineering'. aiming à will, according to Paris, further fracture society. French. According to a note from the DGSI established on February 14, and which BFMTV was able to consult, this type of destabilization operation could unfortunately é   & reproduce. 

French domestic intelligence believes that there is a real threat coming from the Russian intelligence services. According to the DGSI, the latter would have put in place "alternative operating modes mobilizing networks of 'proxies&# 39;", according to the note. In other words, intermediaries would be recruited to carry out one or more missions. Their objective would be nothing more and nothing less than "to amplify internal dissensions and fractures & the companyé French, on any subject: pension reform, position in the Israeli-Israeli conflict Palestinian, denigration of the 2024 Olympics. Those commissioned could also proceed by openly supporting Russia's interests and denouncing Russia's interests. Regarding the foreign policy of France, the United States or NATO, is it still precise.

If the actions in question would fall more under common law offenses, such as tagging or putting up posters for example, the DGSI will not does not however exclude the possibility of that "actions of a violent nature can also be " sponsored". Russian dissidents or Ukrainian nationals could then be targeted. In this context, intelligence calls for the vigilance of law enforcement, asking for help whatever is reassembled any crime which could present signals, even those described as “weak”, such as the involvement of members of the community. oacute; Russian-speaking person or even the publication of the offenses in question on social networks, which could be considered as proof to the sponsors that the action has been well é executed.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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