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Russian Security Council secretary accuses Ukraine of being behind Moscow attack

The powerful Secretary of the Security Council Russian said Russian media told Russian media on Tuesday that Ukraine was behind the Crocus City Hall attack, which left at least 139 dead, claimed by Russia. yet by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

“Of course it's Ukraine,” Nikolai Patrushev told Russian agencies, responding to the question of whether Kiev or ISIS had orchestrated the attack.

The day before, three days after the jihadist claim, Russian President Vladimir Putin estimated that the attack had been committed by “radical Islamists”, but he also pointed in the direction of 'Ukraine.

The authorities refused to explain this Ukrainian trail, limiting themselves to saying that the four attackers, who were arrested, would have tried to flee by car towards Ukraine.

For the Russian opposition, the authorities have been blinded by the repression of their detractors and the offensive against Ukraine, losing sight of the threat jihadist while Russia has been the target of numerous Islamist attacks in the past.

Jihadist groups view Russia as a legitimate target, with Moscow fighting ISIS in Syria and the Sahel and having waged war against Islamist and separatist groups in Chechnya , Muslim region of the Russian Caucasus (South).

Vladimir Putin established his image as a strong man precisely by fighting these groups, responsible for particularly deadly attacks such as the capture hostage at the Beslan school in 2004 (330 dead, including 186 children).

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