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Russian threats to Paris: tension rises a notch

Since Emmanuel Macron's comments on the potential sending of troops to Ukraine, the threats are growing à with regard to France. A close friend of Vladimir Putin even mentions calculations of a nuclear strike on Paris.

Piotr Tolstoï, vice-president of the Duma, equivalent of the National Assembly, showed himself' oacute; very threatening towards France during an interview with BFMTV. His speech is edited crescendo, going up to 'à assert that Russia was thinking about the hypothesis of a nuclear strike on Paris. "We are calculating", he revealed& eacute;, in a response that is nonetheless not very confident. He assures that it would only take "a little more than two minutes" to hit the capital with a projectile from Russia. Piotr Tolstoï justified himself by explaining prioritizing security of his country, "NATO countries, including France, putting missiles around Russian borders". 

He also reacted to Emmanuel Macron's comments on the possible sending of French troops to Ukraine, assuring that he would not set "no limits" in support &agrav; Kiev. "We are going to kill all the French soldiers who come to Ukrainian soil", he declaredé.  The message is very clear. "The idea of ​​sending French soldiers to Ukraine, çit will end with coffins covered by the tricolor flag &agrav; Orly", addedé Piotr Tolstoï. This Tuesday, the Russian press agency Rass had also relayed the words of the head of the Russian foreign intelligence service, Sergey Naryshkin, affirming that France was about to send 2,000 soldiers to Ukraine. nbsp;The French Ministry of the Armed Forces quickly denied it.

Piotr Tolstoï even accuses France of being on the verge of starting a Third World War: "You Frenchçais , who want to come with the soldiers à Odessa, you are provoking World War III. In any case, the parliamentarian says he is determined: "For us, it's an existential question. We are not going to stop, we are not going to withdraw the troops, insisted the vice-president of the Duma.

Emmanuel Macron targeted personally

Moreover, He expressed  its real disdainé regarding the French president: "We don'we don'about Macron, what's he said, from his limits, launchedé this close friend of Vladimir Putin.

The French president had already été insult&eac; by Dimitri Medvedev, the former Russian president, and current vice-president of the Council  security from Russia, regarding his potential visit to Ukraine. He called it of "zoological trooper" on X. 

A few days earlier, it was a presenter from the Russia 1 television channel, Vladimir Soloviev, who had taken part in the interview. the French president said, calling him a “phenomenal cretin” and even a "Nazi bastard". He had also threatened Hexagon: "You want to take on ' Russia ? So choose a French city that you want to wipe off the map".

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