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Salaries will be paid later this month, but few employees know it

Thousands of employees should find themselves with a small cash flow gap in the days to come. come.

This is bad news that awaits many employees at the end of March. However, very few know it. The salaries of thousands of workers will arrive in bank accounts later than usual. It is mainly employees of private companies who should be impacted, but civil servants could also not escape the risk. this payment lag.

There is no legal obligation governing the date of payment of salary. The rules of the Labor Code simply indicate that payment must always be made at the appropriate time. the same period. Thus, companies make their payroll around the 30th of the month, while others wait until the start of the following month. But in March, there will be a delay.

Employees who are used to working receiving their salary between the 29th of the month and the 1st of the following month will have to wait. For them, their remuneration should not arrive until the beginning of next month. No need to go to your company's accountant or human resources in a fury, it's not their fault.

The reason comes only from the banking system, common to all banks. all countries with the Euro, allowing transfers. This will be closed &agrav; from Thursday March 28 & 4:30 p.m. and will only reopen on Tuesday April 2 due to Easter (Good Friday and Easter Monday). All operations carried out during this period will only be taken into account at the end of this period. starting April 2.

So, if your employer only makes salary payments on Friday the 29th, this will only happen during the following week. One possible exception, however: if your bank account is linked to your bank account. &agrav; the same bank as your company, you could receive your salary before April 2.

A priori, only some of the private sector workers are working in the private sector. is affected by this shift. Indeed, for civil servants, pay should arrive on time, as usual. habit. The payment schedule provides for the salary to be paid in advance. on Wednesday March 27. Although this may not be the exact date, please contact us. When the money arrives in your account, it will be credited accordingly. before the weekend. Enough to replenish the coffers for Easter, while others will have to wait until the bells have passed. Unless your boss has anticipated this. the blow…

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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