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Samara attack in Montpellier: after confession, the most violent suspect risks prison

Samara, a 14-year-old teenager, was kidnapped. severely beaten by classmates in front of his college Montpellier. The teenagers confessed to facts.

After the attack on Samara, a 14-year-old girl, & leaving college Arthur Rimbaud à Montpellier, Tuesday April 2, justice announced that three minors were arrested. indicted for attempted homicide. The three young people had been taken into custody. placed in custody seen for attempted murder of a minor, according to a press release; from the Montpellier public prosecutor's office (Hérault). 

They all three admitted to having carried é blows à the young woman, according to the public prosecutor in a press release. Samara sufferedé several punches and kicks, before falling to the ground. She wasé She suffered convulsions and fell into a coma. She came out on Thursday.

Concerning the origin of the conflict, the prosecutor said: that "this aggression takes place in the context of a group of teenagers who had the habit of insulting each other and putting respective photographs online and those third parties on discussion groups created on instant messaging. heard but very briefly given his state of health. : she confirmed  the violence of this Tuesday but also revealed others of which she would have been responsible. victim a few days earlier by one of the accused. 

Emmanuel Macron reacts to aggression

On the sidelines of an official ceremony, the President of the Republic was addressed. questioned by the journalists present. “Nothing justifies the fact that a teenager, a young girl, is attacked by several young people of her age," the head of state. We are in the process of consolidating the information. There is police work underway. I will be à Be very careful at this stage so as not to qualify things. I know a lot of diligence has gone into this. also taken by the community educational."

Emmanuel Macron also showed his support à the girl. "It's important to be alongside this young girl and her family. We must be extremely firm towards the perpetrators of these acts. What was done? done immediately by the police and the courts. We must establish the truth. full. I hope that she will settle down in peace and quiet. and then draw all the consequences."

Victim of harassment ?

This Friday morning, an academic inspection program began. In the establishment, two inspectors have eight days to shed light on the facts and the potential harassment, so Samara could have been a victim for several months , as stated by his mother. The teenager, for her part, did not mention it during her first testimony.

The victim's mother had, in fact, specified : "Students launched a project a hashtag on social networks to call for help a gathering". She also returned to the progress of the project. facts. "The head teacher called me yesterday (Tuesday) to come pick up my daughter and informed me that' #39;a crowd of young people had formed; &agrav; the release, had reported the victim's mother to Midi Libre. "I asked" to the college to keep her within the confines of the establishment until the end of the year. “What happened to me, they didn't do it,” she said. 

"She wasé attacked because there has been a student since last year who has been attacking my daughter and trying to kill her “invent things that she doesn't do,” added the victim's mother to BFMTV. Last year, there was a call for the rape of my daughter by this same young student who is in the school. age. They tie her up, they put tobacco in her nose… She lets herself be molested and says nothing. Yesterday was one time too many, she said, still speaking to BFMTV.

Did the school principal know about it ?

The attack provoked a reaction from the Minister of National Education, Nicole Belloubet, who declared: "having learned with emotion that a college girl wasé violently attacked é Montpellier. I send him all my support as well as to him. his family. All light must be shed on this unbearable act. A listening cell and security teams are there. are already there on site."

The teenager's mother claims that one of her classmates would have been killed. excluded from the establishment for two days in June 2023, after having published a photo of his daughter on social networks by calling for help. rape her. The prosecution says it has not "é received reports of acts of harassment & his égard". For her part, the rector of the Montpellier academy, Sophie Béjean, emphasizes that the principal of the college "n& #39;has not been aware of what happened before the facts, nor even immediately after" indicates Midi Libre.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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