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Samsung reinvents its folding smartphone at CES 2024

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Samsung is currently the leader in folding smartphones. But as other brands enter this market, this first place is threatened. To boost its sales, the Korean giant could rely on a new design for its folding flip smartphone: the Galaxy Z Flip. At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, its subsidiary Samsung Display unveiled new ways to use foldable screens. And among these, there is a new concept called In&Out Flip, which could later land on its smartphones.

Currently, Samsung offers two types of folding smartphones: the Galaxy Z Fold which are smartphone-tablet hybrids and the Galaxy Z Flip, which are folding flip smartphones. And it is the latter that Samsung could reinvent with the In&Out Flip screen which folds 360 degrees. Samsung's latest Galaxy Z Flip folds like old-fashioned flip phones and when closed, the user has access to information on a secondary screen on the back.

But thanks to the In&Out Flip concept, the manufacturer will be able to offer a device that folds 360 degrees, without a secondary screen on the back. Indeed, as the device can be folded outwards, the user will be able to use half of this screen as an external secondary screen. Furthermore, in terms of design, the absence of a secondary screen on the outside makes it possible to design thinner devices.

Samsung shows that it masters smartphones folding

It should be noted, however, that for the moment, Samsung has not indicated when it will offer a folding smartphone with an In&Out Flip screen. But it seems that this is being considered.“In&Out Flip is a technology that can provide a new alternative to consumers who prefer bar-shaped smartphones due to the thickness of foldable products”, said a Samsung Display representative. “When folded outwards, the front and back of the product can be used as a screen, creating a new user experience .”

But it is also possible that this technology will land on other brands of smartphones, given that Samsung Display also supplies competitors to Samsung Galaxy smartphones. In terms of resistance, Samsung Display explains that its foldable screens undergo very rigorous tests, including folding at temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. “In addition, basketballs bounce off the foldable boards and smartphones are subject to friction with sand and immersion in water”, adds the screen specialist.

Otherwise, Samsung also presented a new tablet prototype with a rollable screen. The manufacturer is also exploring new ideas for computer screens, vehicle screens as well as virtual reality or augmented reality devices. On this subject, it should be remembered that Samsung is already working on a competitor to Apple's Vision Pro, in collaboration with Google and Qualcomm. Recently, Qualcomm also lifted the veil on a new processor which will be used by Samsung as part of this project.

  • At CES 2024, Samsung unveils new prototypes based on folding smartphones
  • Among these, there is a 360-degree foldable screen that would allow the Galaxy Z Flip to do without a secondary screen and be thinner
  • But for the moment, we do not know when this technology, called In&Out Flip, will arrive on Galaxy
  • smartphones Samsung presented other prototypes, including a screen whose surface area can be multiplied by 5

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