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Samsung S25 Ultra: two rumors, two disappointments to come ?

Recent rumors have revealed that the first features of Samsung's next phone, the Samsung S25 Ultra. A new generation battery and a new photo sensor are obviously not happening right away!

It is only expected for next January, but there are many curious people who already want to see it. Know everything. We are obviously talking about the new Samsung S25 Ultra, with unprecedented ambitions. The next Korean jewel will have a strong impact. to supplant its predecessor, the Samsung S24 Ultra, which marked its time. Precisely, a very recent leak reveals the first information on the future locomotive of the Galaxy.

Rumors about the Samsung S25 Ultra have continued to circulate on the web in recent weeks. And the first is a bit disappointing: the main photo sensor, eagerly awaited by the brand's consumers, does not seem to to move. The latest one is not more exciting since it concerns the drums, which is not ready to revolutionize the range.. .

No new batteries for the Samsung S25 due to price ?

On the question of the autonomy of its latest mobile phones, Samsung can indeed do better. A detail that had not been missed to take our test on the Samsung S24 Ultra in its time. However, the brand did not miss out on its success. to boast the development of a brand new technology. The process is simple: provide à its next phones will have so-called “stacked” batteries, which will improve performance. As a result, the battery life of smartphones would increase, going from 45W to reach 65W. But very quickly, Samsung denied the arrival of this technology on the S25 range.

While users expected ' Samsung S25 battery announcements during Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung didn't even touch on the Samsung S25 battery announcements during Galaxy Unpacked. the subject. Knowing that the technology would already have been used; dû Although it was planned for the Samsung S24 Ultra, we could still expect this to happen. so that the new range can benefit from it. Which is not at all the case since the "leaker" Saywer Galox made everyone agree. On his Twitter account, he specifies that this implementation is not for the immediate future and that we will have to wait at least one more year.

For its part, Samsung defends itself by citing production costs that are too high, knowing that the price phone chips flare up. The brand nevertheless specifies that it will consider equipping smartphones with new technologies in 2026. So, you have to be patient. The new Samsung S25 Ultra range will be equipped, like its predecessors, with a 5000 mAh battery and ;a 45W charge. A disappointment for consumers who wanted extended autonomy. They are not at the end of their surprises since the photo sensor seems to remain the same.

A long-awaited photo sensor for an unsurprising result ?

If there's one thing that the brand is most eagerly awaited for each year, it's the quality of its products. of these photos. Every year, mobile phones are equipped with ever more impressive sensors and offer exceptional possibilities. However, according to the rumor of a "leaker" renowned on X Ice Uiverse, the main photo sensor of the S25 Ultra should remain as it was for the Samsung S24 Ultra.

Thus, the Samsung S25 Ultra should feature the Isocell HP2, the 1.2-inch and 200-Mpx Samsung photo sensor ;jà seen and seen again. Nothing unusual, however, as we know that the photo sensor had received good reviews. But be careful, all this remains à confirm and less than a year before the release of the new S25 Ultra, all these rumors seem far from being the last . 

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