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Samsung unveils its connected ring, here's how the competition reacts

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Rumors have been talking about the development of a connected ring by Samsung for a while. And on January 17, during the Galaxy S24 launch event, the Korean giant finally confirmed these rumors. For the moment, this is not a launch for this ring. Samsung was content to make a “tease”, while confirming that the product is indeed under development.

At the moment, we do not know when the Galaxy Ring will be launched or its exact characteristics. In fact, the teaser only lasts a few seconds and only reveals the design of the ring.

But in any case, this ring should provide Samsung customers with a new way to obtain data about their health. In the meantime, the competition has already reacted.

Oura's reaction after Samsung's announcement

The company Oura, which has been marketing connected health monitoring rings for years, is confident, despite the arrival of a giant like Samsung on its market. The reaction of this company was relayed by our colleagues at Android Authority, in an article:

  • At the end of the Galaxy S24 presentation event, Samsung teased the Galaxy Ring by sharing a short video
  • For the moment, we do not know the technical sheet or the launch date of the Galaxy Ring
  • But this teasing has already caused a reaction from Oura, who has been in this market for years
  • Confident, this specialist believes that the arrival of new players is a validation of his idea

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