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“Sciences represent 40% of the most viewed videos on TikTok”

INTERVIEW – The TikTok application accelerates its position on the market French with more content dedicated to education. We were able to speak with Fabien Laxague, director of communications for TikTok in France.

With nearly 1.6 billion registered and active users across the world, Throughout the world, the TikTok application fascinates as much as it disturbs. Following its recent outage in New Caledonia, the flagship application of the ByteDance group continues to offer new content and features to demonize its image among the general public. Many people à take a dim view of the massive use of TikTok, in France and elsewhere. abroad, particularly among younger users.

Response to criticism or not, TikTok has started to take off. &agrav; provide à its users with educational content. The application has recently unveiled a new news feed for users. baptized "STEM" and centered around science in order to encourage young people to explore science discover and share more educational content. We were able to speak with Fabien Laxague, director of communications for TikTok in France, about this new news feed and the ambitions of TikTok on French territory ;ais.

The Internet user – TikTok recently launched the "STEM" news feed. Can you briefly explain to us what this is about?

Fabien Laxague – "This "STEM" thread exclusively highlights educational content based on four themes, &agrav; know sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics, in order to discover and learn, in an easy way different. The "STEM" will be offered in parallel with the famous thread "Pour Toi" from TikTok, and will feature content in English, with automatic subtitles in French.

The STEM news feed will therefore be well proposed. to the youngest users of the application. How will you go about ensuring healthy, high-quality videos?

"Many learning areas have become popular on TikTok."< /em>

To offer "STEM" high quality &agrav; The entire TikTok community, Common Sense Networks, and Poynter Institute will be the two affiliated fact-checking partners ;s à This thread. Common Sense Networks will ensure that the content provided is appropriate for the "STEM" thread, and Poynter Institute& ;nbsp;&eac;will assess the reliabilityé information presented. If content does not meet these two criteria, it will not be eligible for the "STEM" thread.

Many French people are still reluctant towards TikTok. What would you say à those who think that the application cannot combine the short format with quality content?

“Sciences represent 40% of the most viewed videos on TikTok”

The STEM feed focuses on educational content. © TikTok/ByteDance Every month, over a billion users worldwide are on TikTok. They have quickly taken to the platform to share their knowledge and learn about a wide variety of topics. We have strict moderation policies in place to ensure that educational content is accurate and reliable. We work with expert moderators who have received extensive training and have enhanced expertise and tools to act on misinformation. This includes direct access to our fact-checking partners who help assess the accuracy of content. The arrival of science-based content on TikTok is reminiscent of previous campaigns like BookTok or ApprendreSurTikTok with their educational content. Why is it important to provide thematic content ?

“We are committed to constantly innovating the TikTok experience.”

LearnOnTikTok is an initiative aimed at à promote learning and discovery throughout the world through our platform. This  educational program recently crossed the symbolic milestone of one billion views. This impressive figure testifies to the massive enthusiasm of the TikTok community for learning. We noticed that that many areas of learning have become popular on TikTok, including science, G culture and even languages. Science represents 40% of the most viewed videos& ;nbsp;and rise to the top of the ranking.

More and more users are seeing messages appear mentioning an application called “TikTok Notes” which would allow them to keep their photos in a new application. Why this emphasis on photography precisely ?

We are committed to We are constantly innovating on the TikTok experience. This is why we are exploring the different possibilities that will allow it to be a success. our community to create and share their creativity with photos and text in a dedicated space. &agrav; these formats.

As a conclusion, do you have some TikTok channels &agrave? advisor à our readers ?

General Culture is fully illustrated on TikTok. Our application is full of information humorous in the form of Fun Facts as Néon does on his account @Lesavoirsituniles or @Quiztophercolomb and his interactive quizzes.

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