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Searches in the Massawippi River: the body of a man was recovered

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The police deployment is now complete.


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La Sûreté du Québec (SQ) recovered the body of a man in the Massawippi River late Tuesday morning. The police were actively searching for an octogenarian who had fallen into the river on Monday around 4:45 p.m.

It took the police nearly 18 hours to locate the body.

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Around twenty police officers were on site Tuesday morning.

In order to find him, the SQ set up a command post Tuesday morning near the Route 143 roundabout , between Lennoxville and Waterville.

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A helicopter participated in the search.

A helicopter, a boat, divers and around twenty police officers were in the area. It was finally a diver who found the body.

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A boat was dispatched to the scene Tuesday morning.

The investigation continues. However, the police deployment is over. The SQ refused to comment on the file.

First it's the police of the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) who began operations Monday evening. They notably flew a drone in the area and walked along the banks.

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Moreover, members of the octogenarian's family were present on site Tuesday morning. Visibly shaken, they did not wish to comment on the situation.

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