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Segway presents its very first electric bikes, and it's serious!

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Do you remember Segway ? This American company founded in 1999 by Dean Kamen which introduced a means of transport that almost looked like a UFO in the early 2000s : the Segway PT. This self-balancing scooter, despite a very high price at the time (up to 10,000 euros depending on the model), had aroused great interest from the public around the world. Its design was very innovative and completely unique in the mobility sector.

After its acquisition in 2015 by Ninebot, a Chinese company, Segway mainly focused on the production of electric scooters. One of its flagship models, the Ninebot Segway Max G2 was a great success when it was released last year. Segway was obviously present at the 2024 edition of CES in Las Vegas and this time showed that it was also capable of manufacturing rather high-end eBikes.

Bikes placed under the sign of technology

The e-bike sector being highly competitive, Segway had to pull out all the stops to stand out from the rest of the manufacturers. Indeed, there are many manufacturers, and the technologies now on board e-bikes have evolved very quickly over the last 10 years.

General Manager of Segway's E-Bike Division, Alan Zhao proudly expressed his vision for his company's entry into the e-bike industry: & #8220;We are excited to introduce the launch of our Segway Xafari and Segway Xyber, which represent a major step forward in e-bike innovation. These e-bikes embody Segway's commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance to our riders. With adjustable features, remarkable stability and advanced connectivity, these bikes redefine the possibilities for off-road adventure“.

So both models are packed with cutting-edge features. They are capable of directly analyzing the environment in which they operate and the bikes can therefore adapt their operation: adjustment of the power level delivered, automatic headlights, locking, etc. A dedicated mobile application completes the picture by allowing the user to locate their bike, benefit from an integrated GPS and take advantage of fairly advanced anti-theft measures: alarm and wheel hub locks .

The Segway Xafari, a bike for adventurers

With a name like that, we suspect that thee Xafari is not a bike intended for asphalt. A massive frame, very wide wheel arches, and a fully integrated 913 Wh battery that can still be removed from the bike. This uses 21700 cells, which gives it the advantage of being able to store a very large quantity of energy. Even if the details are not yet known, we automatically imagine that the Xafari will have excellent autonomy.

At the rear, its hub motor offers power of 750 W and 80 nM of torque. Enough to easily overcome the most difficult elevation changes and enjoy exhilarating acceleration.

In terms of design and its conception, the Xafari is clearly close to bicycles typed hard-tail (mountain bike suspended only at the front), but it is well equipped with two suspensions. With 70 mm of travel at the front, 80 mm at the rear and three-inch wide section tires, it will be able to navigate difficult terrain very easily.

The Segway Xyber: electric bicycle or motorcycle?

This second model is positioned at the intersection between an e-bike and a trail motorcycle. Under American regulations, it is considered a bicycle because it is equipped with pedals. On the other hand, in terms of design and performance, the Xyber is much closer to an electric trail.

Its engine is exceptionally powerful. Literally full of torque, it offers 175 Nm under the pedal! For an e-bike, this is extraordinary, and it can go from 0 to 32 km/h in 2.5 seconds. For the moment, no data on its maximum speed has been communicated by Segway, but we can already bet that these specifications will give it quite exceptional performance.

Its battery is not to be outdone, since it has a total capacity of 1 440 Wh. A capacity that can be doubled and reach 2,880 Wh, because the Xyber can accommodate a second, which will give it a theoretical autonomy of 150 km. Obviously, this figure will vary greatly depending on the actual use of the bike.

The Xyber has nothing to envy of the Xafari in terms of comfort, since it accommodates a double front and rear suspension, each offering 120 mm of travel. Enough to go almost everywhere.

For an entry into the electric bike sector, we cannot say that Segway did things by halves! The Xafari and the Xyber present, on paper at least, really convincing characteristics. However, no information regarding their prices has been communicated. We also don't know the weight of the machines, but we can already count on the fact that they will be real heavyweights !

  • Segway presented two off-road eBike models at CES 2024.
  • The Xafari, a model resembling a hard-tail, and the Xyber, a powerful bike almost more like a motorcycle.
  • However, some gray areas remain regarding their prices, their weights and certain details concerning their performances.

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