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Several social housing units damaged by fire in Nicolet

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The fire broke out during the night from Saturday to Sunday.

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A major fire broke out during the night from Saturday to Sunday in Nicolet. Sixteen low-rent social housing units (HLM) had to be evacuated on rue Léocadie-Bourgeois.

The fire started around 10:30 p.m. Saturday evening. In total, four homes were damaged by flames and smoke. Three families asked for assistance from the Red Cross.

The general alert was quickly given, 27 firefighters fought the fire for a good part of the night. Around 1 a.m., the blaze was under control.

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Fire in an HLM on rue Léocadie-Bourgeois in Nicolet

It's probably an auxiliary heater that would be the cause. “It’s someone who would have added a little auxiliary heating to a balcony with curtains all around there,” underlines the director of the fire department of the town of Nicolet, Martin Provencher.

As the fire is considered accidental, no investigation will be carried out.

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No one was injured , it's a relief for the mayor of Nicolet, Geneviève Dubois.

Nicolet is currently working with the ;#x27;Municipal Housing Office (OMH) in order to find relocation solutions for residents.

We n&# x27;does not have the luxury of losing affordable housing for our population either.

A quote from Geneviève Dubois, mayor of Nicolet

It is possible that the tenants will be temporarily relocated to other HLMs in the regional territory.

With information from Edouard Dubois

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