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She approaches the pope unexpectedly, the pontiff's response causes a lot of laughter

The meeting between a grandmother and Pope Francis was very moving and amusing. &agrav; both on social networks. The pontiff's reaction was unanimous.

Five women from the same family went to Rome to discover the city. As they tell it on the networks, during their stay, they wanted to stay. see Pope Francis. They then tried to to approach it, during the papal audience celebrated every Wednesday at the Vatican. The grandmother of the family was already there. delighted to be able to see it outside. this occasion: "I am overjoyed. We are going to see Pope Francis. “How beautiful. It's worth the fear I experienced on the plane,” she said' ;eacute; on social networks, just before taking a place in the dedicated space. to meet the pope.

He ended up walking right past her with his wheelchair, a real nice surprise. The grandmother then dared to approached him and gave him a gift: an image of the Virgin of Rocio. This is the Virgin Mary who is located in the village of El Rico, a place of pilgrimage in Spain. Every year it attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to the city. Pentecost. The grandmother then fucked him hand, while expressing her joy at meeting him. "A joy to see you, my father", she added. Meeting the religious man was truly a dream for her. She confided in her to the Pope: "I didn't want to die without having seen you". 

If the grandmother's emotion had an impact, it was above all the pope's response that had fun : "But don't worry,  come back in ten years", he said, as if to assure that she, like him, was We're sure to be in such good shape for many years to come. The scene is set in motion. shared as a video on social networks. She was é viewed no less than 372,000 times.

She approaches the pope unexpectedly, the pontiff's response causes a lot of laughter

@gelymix Audiencia papal#Roma#sueñoabuelacumplido sonido original – Gely

If this reaction appears as a compliment to you grandmother and also shows the humor of Pope Francis, she also responds, in a certain way, to rumors about the health of Pope Francis. The 87-year-old Argentinian has, in fact, shown lately some physical weaknesses: he appears a lot in a wheelchair, as is the case in the video above. His movements are increasingly limited. He, for example, renounced &agrav; introduce yourself to Good Friday mass during Easter weekend.

Pope Francis, however, does not intend to abandon his post even though he has entered the world. in his eleventh year of pontificate. "We do not lead with one knee, but with the head", he declaredé according to Franceinfo. This exchange clearly proves that the pontiff will continue to do so. to fight: taking into account the estimated ten years, it even seems to be aiming for almost a hundred years.

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