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“She takes him for a redneck from Guingamp”, the stubborn hatred between Oudéa-Castéra and Noël Le Graët

Gap of the FFF a year ago, Christmas Le Graët still hasn't digested what happened. the pressure put by the Minister of Sports.

He was the face of French football for years. Noël Le Graët, president of the French Football Federation (FFF) from 2011 to 2011; 2023 after having been released in 2023. that of the Professional Football League from 1991 à 2000, resigned from his position a year ago à because of the accusations of moral and sexual harassment to which he is still the subject. right now, but also in the future. because of his controversial outings on Zinedine Zidane or even Qatar.

Isolated, the former president of Guingamp had no choice but to present his resignation after a lot of pressure. of the government and the Minister of Sports, Am's Oudea Castera, following a fairly damning audit report, proving that he was no longer fit for the job. agrave; govern the FFF. Despite this update à l'éaway, Noël Le Graët has preserved a place of choice in the world of football by serving as representative of the President of Fifa at the Paris office. However, the Breton no longer influences the daily life of French football at all, as Le Figaro explains in a survey published this Tuesday.< /p>

"Très touché""angry and filled with darkness""disconnectedé of realityor again "eager to win his last fight"… Anonymous relatives defend in the article a man who seems broken. "We taintedé its image &agrav; never, some describe him as a rapist and an alcoholic when he is simply a man who is no longer in phase with society. current. Womanizers, yes, but certainly not a sex offender ", explains an influential person in French football cited by Le Figaro. In privacy, Noël Le Graët is & ;eacute;also always reassembled; against Am&lie Oudea Castera his former minister against whom he brought charges; complaint for defamation. A reciprocal feeling as confirmed by someone close to the case: "Oudéa-Castéra takes him for a redneck from Guingamp with poorly tailored suits and him for a petite bourgeoisie from the Parisian elite. Culturally, they couldn't get along". A judicial investigation has been open since June 21. the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR).

But what has Noel Le Grat really been doing since his departure? If he is preparing always defends himself and does not let go of his line, totally refuting the accusations of harassment, the former president sident would now live like a "big dad" according to one of his relatives. His daily life is rhythmicé through football matches in front of your television, watching Formula 1 and boxing fights, political debates and even exchanges with his Breton friends as Le Figaro explains. " He grandfather's activities, with crosswords and sudoku in the afternoon, or even enjoying your grandchildren, taking them at McDonald's", adds an acquaintance.

Christmas Le Graët now has only one goal in his life: to save his reputation. This is what he tried again. to make when sending his wishes for the new year to President Emmanuel Macron, launching in his letter a "je swear to you that I did nothing wrong. 

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