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Shogun (Disney+): here's why we're holding the best series of 2024

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We had ticked it off in our series to watch this year, but we probably didn't expect such a high-quality production. FX (Disney+ in France) offers Shogun, a new adaptation of the novel by Briton James Clavell released in 1975. And the least we can say is that this original creation amazed us. After watching the first two episodes, here is our verdict. Rest assured, this review is guaranteed spoiler-free, with the exception of the very first minutes of the plot.

Shogun, a Japanese-style Game of Thrones ?

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The story of Shoguntakes place in 1600 in a Japan in the grip of a major political crisis. While the national leader (taiko) is dead, his descendant is too young to rule. A council of regents, composed of five lords, therefore takes the reins. The series immediately focuses on one of them, Yoshii Toranaga, loyal to the future heir, and whom the four other members want to get rid of.

At the same time, a mysterious British navigator named John Blackthorne appears. Toranaga thinks he could take advantage of this newcomer, and asks Toda Mariko, a young Christian, to come and serve as translator.

There is Game of Thrones in these first episodes: a gallery of characters that you have to get to know, political intrigues galore, plots that are hatched and a real suspense. This original creation respects the intelligence of its audience and knows how to be demanding when necessary.

A visually sublime series

This is undoubtedly what is most striking from the outset. Shogun is clearly not made with pieces of string, and this production is absolutely magnificent. We are struck by the beauty of these landscapes, these costumes and the meticulousness with which the atmosphere of the time is shown. We also appreciate this impressive work on light and a multitude of details that will travel us through time.

The spectator gives in little by little and ends up believing it. We are thus transported among these men and women who are not aware that they are going through a period which will have a lasting mark on the history of their country (the scenario skilfully mixes fiction and reality).

This epic in medieval Japan is all the more credible because the production is so meticulous. Without being too talkative, the series quickly sets out the issues, without overwhelming the viewer. Sometimes all it takes is a look, or a trick from the director to convey certain emotions or hesitations from the heroes. We dreamed of seeing this epic (and violent) fresco from the time of the Samurai on screen, FX did it.

Ultra-charismatic actors

It sometimes takes a little time for the characters to establish themselves in a series and make an impression on the audience. This is not the case for Yoshii Toranaga played by the excellent Hiroyuki Sanada. The latter makes everyone agree with his phlegm and his charisma. This quiet strength side makes him very popular with spectators, even if we can imagine that we are not at the end of our surprises.

Special mention also to Anna Sawai who plays Toda Mariko, a refined protagonist plagued by doubt. Finally, let us mention Cosmo Jarvis as John Blackthorne who perfectly embodies the itchy skin of this original creation.

It is an understatement to say that we are impatiently awaiting the sequel to this series which will have ten episodes. Very addictive, Shogun is above all a great show that we highly recommend, and which will leave its mark on this year 2024.

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