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Should cyclists get off their bike to use a pedestrian crossing?? The Highway Code finally provides an answer.

The number of cyclists continues to increase in our cities and cycle paths and road markings have flourished in recent years, not without sometimes posing some problems. problems of cohabitation between motorists, motorcyclists, cyclists but also pedestrians. The Highway Code makes little attempt to do so. little to adapt to these new practices and &agrav; the development of our streets. However, it is essential that everyone, pedestrians and drivers alike, knows the traffic and priority rules. which apply. While most are known and obvious, certain situations can lend itself to serious crime. confusion. This is particularly the case for cyclists crossing pedestrian crossings.

First of all, let us remember that according to article R. 412-34 of the Highway Code, when a roadway is bordered by sidewalks or passable shoulders, pedestrians are required to use them, exclusion of the roadway. In addition, article R. 412-37 specifies that pedestrians must imperatively use the passages provided for in this section. their intention, the famous "pedestrian crossings" when they exist & less than 50mètres.

Should a cyclist get off his bike on a pedestrian crossing ? What the Highway Code really says

Ground marking for the cycle path near the pedestrian crossing. © ALLILI MOURAD/SIPA (published on 05/16/2024)

So what about cyclists? Can they also use the pedestrian crossings? The answer is no, except in one case particular. Be aware that according to the Highway Code, cyclists are assimilated to pedestrians when they ride their bikes at high speeds. the hand. In this case only, they can travel on the sidewalk and cross on pedestrian crossings. Apart from these exceptions, cyclists must travel on the roadway and respect the signage as well as the priority rules. in force.

However, certain specific arrangements can be dedicated to them. This is the case for cycle paths or lanes which sometimes run alongside pedestrian crossings. In this case, the Highway Code provides for an exception that few people know about. You can recognize this case by specific ground markings: white bands near the pedestrian crossing, framed by by marking on the ground with a bicycle drawing.

If this marking crosses the street and is just à side a protected pedestrian crossing by a light, so cyclists can pass there on their bikes. However, certain rules must be respected. Unless otherwise indicated, cyclists are also required to respect the traffic lights regulating the crossing of pedestrians, as stipulated in article R. 412-30. ;of the Highway Code. In other words, like pedestrians, they must stop if the pedestrian light is red and cannot move on. bicycle only if the light is green.

You followed everything ? Let's recap:  in the vast majorityé In some situations, a cyclist must get off their bike if they want to use a pedestrian crossing. He must then drive his bike to another location. hand and cross while respecting the priority. granted by the lights. If there is a materialized cycle path running alongside the pedestrian crossing, the cyclist can however stay on their bike but must imperatively stay on their bike. #39;stop at red lights and only cross on green, like pedestrians. Here is what the Highway Code says about this situation. A piece of advice nonetheless, in all cases, caution and mutual respect between users, bicycles, pedestrians and motorists, remain essential to guarantee peaceful cohabitation on our roads.

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