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Showers, gray... We have to wait until this date for the sunny days to really return!

The good weather has still not set in. Meteorologists predict a lasting return of sunshine, but we must be patient.

Tired of storms and gray skies ? However, we will still have to wait to enjoy the sun. The last days of May will be à the image of the last three weeks and finally this spring of 2024. For the next few days, the news is not really encouraging, the sky is still largely cloudy ;eacute; over three-quarters of the country should clear, but only for one or two days. 

This weekend could look like that of Ascension, announces La Chaine Météo, the sun should therefore point the tip of its nose thanks to a return of the anticyclone which unfortunately risks weakening very quickly and moving back towards the Mediterranean from Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday, in the northwest quarter, the weather should be calm, while the eastern departments will still be under the influence of the coronavirus pandemic. pressure which seems to rise. The inhabitants of part of the north and of Alsace could be confronted with new bad weather. In the south, the sky should be mostly blue and the heat will return. Temperatures are expected to be close to seasonal norms across the country, but humidity will be high. risks remaining. 

The deterioration will increase from Monday and continue for the rest of the week, with new storms and bad weather in the four corners of the country.

Showers, gray... We have to wait until this date for the sunny days to really return!

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And then ? The month of June could well be cut short  in two according to La Chain Météo, which according to its tendencies to 4 weeks, don't notice improvement until at least June 10. At the start of the month, "instability' The weather would be a little less marked than the previous week, with more generous clearings and lighter spells. “longer-lasting dry periods,” meteorologists explain. But this should, once again, not last.

The forecasts envisage for the rest of this first half of June a drop in temperatures below seasonal norms due to the # 39;humidity and stormy weather present over the northern three-quarters of France. Improvement could well arrive in the second half of June, with the return of ;#39;drier and sunny weather and an increase in temperatures from 1 to 1 2°C above seasonal norms. So it's only'à this date, à mid-June, when the sunny days should really set in.

Caution remains in order à a few weeks from the start of summer. The last few weeks have clearly shown that good weather is often short-lived. What is certain is that the month of May is particularly gloomy at the moment, & #39; the image of this spring 2024, already considered as the rainiest of the last 15 years.

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