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Singh rules out next coalition government with Liberals

Spencer Colby The Canadian Press New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks to the press during the federal government's economic update at Parliament in Ottawa on November 21.

New Democratic Party (NDP) Leader Jagmeet Singh rules out the possibility of forming a coalition government with the Liberals if no party achieves a clear majority after the next federal election.< /p>

“It’s not an option,” Mr. Singh said in an end-of-year interview with The Canadian Press, even though the two parties work closely.

“It’s not something we focus on. We strive to do enough in this Parliament and then show up to win. »

The two parties signed a “support and confidence” agreement in March 2022 in which the NDP agreed to support the minority Liberals on key votes in Parliament in exchange for action on policy priorities of the NDP.

Collaboration has so far led to the introduction of a national dental program, the one-time supplement to the Canada Housing Benefit, a temporary doubling of the GST rebate, legislation banning replacement workers in federally regulated industries and investments in the National Aboriginal Housing Strategy: for Aboriginal people, by Aboriginal people.

The parties agreed to keep their agreement in force until 2025, with federal elections scheduled by October of that year.

Mr. Singh said the deal gave him the opportunity to see the Liberals up close and see the power the federal government has to improve the lives of Canadians.

“And I can say with great clarity that they could do a lot more to help people,” Mr. Singh said. I am more motivated than ever to want to become the next Prime Minister. It's my aim. »

Polls currently put the opposition Conservatives in majority territory, and with a minority Parliament in place, the next election could theoretically take place at any time.

However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau indicated that he saw no reason for this.

He told The Canadian Press earlier this month that the next campaign would follow the fixed-date election schedule and take place in the fall of 2025.

Mr. Trudeau said he hasn't talked to the New Democrats about forming a coalition government after the election because the Liberals are focused on the now.

“What might happen, what might come into the equation after the election… Well Canadians will decide what kind of Parliament they want to elect in two years and then we'll see,” Mr. Trudeau said when asked about the possibility of a greater political partnership.

“We have demonstrated that we can accomplish good things and maintain a very responsible fiscal framework,” he argued.

He added: “People will take note, I'm sure, for decades to come of what has been demonstrated to be very effective in Canadian politics. »

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