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Small speeding violations are still punishable this year - the fine remains steep

Small speeding incidents are less punishable by law since the transition to 2024. What are the new sanctions??

In 2020, 12.5 million fines were issued. charged in France for speeding. More than half, 58% precisely – i.e. 7.25 million – concerned exceedances equal to or less than 5 kilometers/hour. Often annoying for motorists, these small traffic offenses will be less heavily punished in recent days. Since January 1, 2024, small excesses of speed, understand less than or equal to 5km/h, no longer give rise to à a deduction of points on the driving license. Until then, exceeding speeds of between 0 and 20 km/h, both in town and outside built-up areas, has been the norm. was 1 point.

In 2024, if you're flashé &agrav; a speed not exceeding the authorized limit by 10 km/h, you therefore no longer lose points. Why 10, because a margin of error of 5km/h is always applied to the speed chosen. For example, if you are being monitored &agrav; 60km/hour on a road restricted to 50km/h, the speed adopted is 55km/h after applying the margin of error, which constitutes an excess speed of 5km/h. Until December 31, 2023, such an offense would have caused you to lose 1 point on your driving license, but this is not the case. nbsp;no longer the case since January 1st.

Is it &agrav; say that you no longer risk anything if you speed less than or equal to 5km/h? Not at all. If the withdrawal of a point has disappeared, the fine is still applicable. Thus, if you exceed the authorized speed by a small km/h (on the chosen speed therefore after the application of the margin of ;error), you will still have to take out your credit card. The financial sanction has not changed. with the change of year for speed violations between 0 and 20 km/h: the fine is still 135 euros in town (where the maximum authorized speed is lower than yes equal to 50km/h) and 68 euros in outside built-up areas (where the maximum authorized speed is greater than 50km/h).

Entré in force in France in 1992, the driving license is equipped with with a maximum capital of 12 points, acquired progressively during the probationary period. The number of points is automatically reduced accordingly. following one or more offenses for which withdrawal is provided for by the highway code. If you lose all your points, your driving license is canceled. and you will then be banned from driving a vehicle for 6 months. To get it back, you will need to retake the code test if you have had your driving license for more than 3 years. Otherwise, you will have to retake the code and conduct.

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