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Social networks: this underestimated risk can cause you to lose a job

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What if posts on social networks could cost you dearly during a job interview ? In an interview with Fortune< /em>, Yanis Varoufakis, economist and former Greek Minister of Finance, returned to this issue. Its vision is not necessarily pleasant, but it is worth the detour.

A time bomb

It is mainly interested in young people from generation Z (born between 1997 and 2010). And the academic explains: “If you're an upper-middle-class kid with aspirations in life, you know that every video you upload on TikTok, everything you write on Twitter, everything you put on Facebook will remind you during a job interview. “

And the politician added: &# 8220;There is no longer a clear separation between work and leisure. And that cannot leave this generation intact. This really poisons the way they communicate with each other, because even that is going to be part of your resume”.

These fears are shared by Ben Voyer, professor at ESCP Business School. Questioned by Business Insider, the latter explains that there are almost no boundaries between professional and personal life because of social networks.

From then on, he warns:“moving too much towards politics is probably something that could backfire.” Although he recognizes that some people need express their identity and their opinions online, and that it counts.

This problem of the impact of social networks on professional life had already been highlighted by a survey carried out by the company Kaspersky in the United Kingdom which we echoed in 2022.

Don't take risks

In this survey, 32% of respondents said they had been embarrassed by their past posts during a job interview. Similarly, 38% said that if their future employers could see what they posted on their accounts, they would have no chance of being hired.

< p>Ultimately, if you want to express political opinions online, it is probably best to opt for a pseudonym to avoid future employment risks. It is also suggested to delete certain publications which could prove compromising in the eyes of potential employers. This nevertheless remains a problem, because in a democracy, citizens are normally free to express an opinion as long as it remains respectful of others.

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