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Some cyclists have the right to ride on the sidewalk, but the rule is very strict

According to the Highway Code, three exemptions exist and only these cyclists have the right to ride on the sidewalk.

Travel to Cycling in the city is becoming more and more popular. Ecological, economical and good for your health, they help avoid traffic jams. But for peaceful coexistence between all road users, cyclists and pedestrians, it is essential to know the traffic rules well. The basic principle is simple: sidewalks are reserved for pedestrians. Cyclists must therefore travel on the roadway, giving priority if possible to cycling facilities where they exist (cycle paths or lanes).

In their absence, they drive on the right part of the road. Some areas à Limited traffic is also open to them under conditions: zones 30, meeting zones (with speed limited to 20km/h and nbsp;priority to pedestrians), pedestrian areas (walking traffic). To park, cyclists must use priority parking spaces. dedicated spaces so as not to obstruct pedestrians on the sidewalks. Parking your bicycle on the sidewalk is generally permitted, depending on the circumstances. condition of not obstructing traffic on the sidewalk.

Some cyclists have the right to ride on the sidewalk, but the rule is very strict

But what about the circulation of bicycles on sidewalks? The Highway Code with its article R412 is clear: it is ;is prohibited, with three very specific exceptions. Any cyclist found in violation is exposed to criminal charges. a fixed fine of 135 euros. A holder of a car driving license will not, however, lose points if he is found guilty of this offense. bike.

What are the exemptions ? The first exception concerns children under 8 years old. Deemed more vulnerable, they are authorized to ride on the sidewalk, &agrav; provided you adopt a reasonable pace and do not obstruct pedestrians. Mayors may, however, take contrary measures.

Second exception: when the cyclist gets off the saddle and pushes his bike forward. the hand. Foot à earth, it is then assimilatedé à a pedestrian and can use the sidewalk. Finally, a cyclist can ride on a sidewalk outside a built-up area only if the roadway is paved or under construction. This exemption does not apply if it is towing a trailer. Apart from these three cases, cyclists must refrain from using sidewalks. These spaces are dedicated to pedestrians to ensure their safety. The most vulnerable users, they must be able to travel there without risk of collision.

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