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Soon a truce in Gaza ? Netanyahu's blunt response

Discussions around the proposed truce in the war Gaza, subjugated at the end of April, resumed this Sunday, May 5, in Egypt.

The two parties involved in the war à Gaza have resumed discussions, in Egypt, to achieve à a truce. The project submitted at the end of April provides for a pause in the Israeli offensive and the release of Palestinian detainees in exchange for the return of the hostages to Israel.

But around the table, this Sunday, May 5, in Cairo, the negotiations became complicated. Israel said that he "cannot accept" Hamas' demand for a truce agreement providing for a definitive end to hostilities in the Gaza Strip. "When Israel shows its good will, Hamas persists in its extreme positions, led by its demand for the withdrawal of our forces from the Gaza Strip, the end of the war and the preservation of Hamas. Israel cannot accept this, Israel said. the Israeli Prime Minister in the Council of Ministers, relays TF1 Info.

29 deaths in 24 hours

The Israelis accuse Hamas of obstructing any agreement with this demand. On Saturday, it was the leaders of the terrorist organization who, & in turn, believed that Benjamin Netanyahu was hindering any understanding by wanting to launch an assault & Rafah.

The parties have thus maintained the status quo since Saturday evening. Meanwhile, the war continues to rage in the Gaza Strip. According to the Ministry of Healthé of Hamas, at least 29 deaths were reported. recorded in twenty-four hours, bringing the results to 34,683,deaths since the attacks of October 7.

Teilor Stone

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