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St-Pierre Plamondon little disturbed by the “childishness” of the CAQ

Karoline Boucher The Canadian Press “Let's stay focused,” said the PQ leader, Saturday at the edge of the militant rally of his left, in Saint-Hyacinthe. “If I start commenting on all the tomatoes that are thrown at me in the coming months, I won’t stay focused.”

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon does not want to be disturbed by the “anonymous childishness” of the elected officials of the Coalition Avenir Québec. “They are frustrated,” believes his deputy Pascal Bérubé.

In the national council at the end of a week which saw him table his new budget for year one, Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon responded to comments made by CAQ deputies about him reported on Saturday in Le Devoir.

“Let’s stay focused,” said the PQ leader on Saturday at the edge of his party’s militant rally in Saint-Hyacinthe. “If I start commenting on every tomato thrown at me in the next few months, I won’t stay focused. »

In Le Devoirthis morning, five CAQ deputies attacked Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon under cover of anonymity. “I see his behavior every day, to me he’s a spoiled baby. When it doesn’t suit him, he sulks,” said one of them. “Discussing sovereignty in this context [of the war in Ukraine and Israel] is irrelevant, it's not the time,” said another.

“What is -what you want me to do with this childishness… It’s anonymous childishness,” replied Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon on Saturday. His fellow MP Pascal Bérubé, who has served in the National Assembly since 2007, dared to make a short analysis.

“We read that, then we said to ourselves: well, they are frustrated.” , he underlined in the press scrum.

Former Prime Minister Pauline Marois, present at the national council of her party, reiterated the optimism she had shown the day before in a interview with Le Devoir. In a press scrum a few moments before being warmly welcomed by PQ activists, she invited her successor St-Pierre Plamondon to “continue to be frank, honest and honest.”

The Parti Québécois counts since October 2 on a fourth MP, Pascal Paradis, who handily won the riding of Jean-Talon, in Quebec.

Other details will follow.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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