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Star Wars: our ranking of the 9 films from best to worst

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Since the launch of the saga, Star Wars has been an extraordinary cinematic experience. The three trilogies that saw the light of day were released at quite distant times, and their story differs greatly, even if there is a common thread in the person of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader whose shadow is perceptible throughout. these productions. Here is our top 9 (obviously very subjective) of the franchise.

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Released in 2019, this episode by J. J. Abrams did not convince viewers at all. It must be said that the filmmaker had a lot to do to conclude this trilogy while in the previous film, Rian Johnson cut many story lines. The result is quite sad to see with a failed return of Emperor Palpatine, and scenes that ring hollow.

This film has the merit of introducing the war of clones and the character of Count Dooku on screen. George Lucas therefore does not lack scriptwriting ambition, but he tends to get lost. We think sadly of the love story and the endless scenes between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, even if the latter will have at least given us a meme that is still very popular with Internet users.

Rian Johnson's feature film offers us some sublime scenes on the screen. We can cite Leia's flight, or the fight between Kylo Ren and Luke. But by deciding to kill Snoke, for no good reason, the filmmaker destroys this promising antagonist who was introduced in Episode VII. Certain events also upset the balance of the saga, which proves prohibitive.

Highly anticipated, this episode marked the great return of Star Wars to the cinema after years of absence. It turns out to be quite successful with a charismatic villain, but not very talkative (Dark Maul) and a spectacular podracer race. We can, however, regret certain somewhat boring passages, and characters we could have done without (Jar Jar Binks).

J. J. Abrams generally held his place with this very well-managed film with a solid cast. He takes the time to build his story and introduce his characters while rekindling a flame of nostalgia among fans. Unfortunately, the scenario is much too modeled on Episode IV and lacks risk-taking.

The first original trilogy ends coherently. The tension is definitely there and the issues are very well presented until a moving finale. Slight downside however with the guerrilla scenes on Endor which have aged a little, and an introduction that is too long in Jabba the Hutt's lair.

The public has long wondered how Anakin Skywalker would become Darth Vader, and the transition is happening before our eyes in this episode. It's certainly a little quick, but it's still effective. We also observe with dismay this moment of change where the weakened Republic becomes Empire, and democracy disappears before our eyes.

This is the very first Star Wars film. While the studio didn't really count on this production for its annual box office results, it's a real hit. We know the rest, but when we rewatch this feature film we realize that it has aged quite well, and that the old-fashioned models and special effects still hold up.

Who said that sequels were always worse than the original films ? The Empire Strikes Back brilliantly challenges this idea and we offers a true masterpiece. From the battle on the frozen planet of Hoth, to the meeting with Yoda, through the fight between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader punctuated by an improbable revelation, the viewer can barely catch his breath. Great cinema.

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