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Star Wars: The First Trilogy Has a Big Weak Point According to George Lucas


What if Star Wars Episode II was the worst film in the saga? This idea is certainly not unanimous, but it is shared by many fans. If everything is not to be thrown away, far from it, in this feature film, the romance scenes between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala work very poorly despite the talent of Hayden Christensen and Nathalie Portman.

George Lucas' courageous confession

In the book The Making of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith by J.W. Rinzler, George Lucas himself returned to the romantic relationship between the two protagonists. And he readily admits it:

Showing how much Anakin and Padmé love each other is the best way to show how much Anakin and Padmé love each other. one of my weak points. It is difficult to express it on screen.

This love is however one of the essential elements which contribute to the change of the jedi from the dark side of the force. Unfortunately, even the giants of cinema have shortcomings, and it's good to recognize that. We remember these rather distressing dialogues which ring hollow between the two heroes. There is also undoubtedly a problem of pacing in the addition of these scenes which slow down the narration.

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This is all the more damaging as the story played out in episodes II and III of the saga is particularly stimulating with the launch of the Clone Wars and the shift from Republic to Empire. Some spectators have also solved the problem in their own way by systematically skipping the exchanges between Anakin and Padmé, to concentrate on the essential.

Delicate choices

In the past, George Lucas has acknowledged the difficulties he encountered in writing the script to bring coherence to this universe. He notably returned to a key moment of Return of the Jedi: when Darth Vader tries to convince his son to join the dark side of the force, but the latter refuses to confront him.

And the director explains: “We didn't have that moment that we needed, where we felt that Luke was hiding, that he wasn't going to fight, that he refused to fight, that he would rather die first , and then something changed his mind and made him fight. (…) As Leia's importance as a sister evolved, it became clear that turning her to the dark side would be the thing that would trigger Luke's wrath again.”

A completely justified choice. If this subject interests you, you can explore it further by reading our dedicated article here.

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