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Steam, Discord: What is the voting scam that lets you steal your account ?


“Vote for my team”, it is through a technique as old as the Internet that scammers are currently rampant on Discord and especially Steam services, as the cybersecurity company Bitdefender points out in a blog post.

A formidable phishing attack

Once you receive this message, the idea is to encourage you to click to support a team and a teammate . Note that these links can sometimes also be found on forums. You will then be redirected to a phishing site that remarkably imitates platforms such as Twitch, Discord or Steam.

The Internet user will then provide his identification data and the trap closes. If he has not activated multi-factor authentication, scammers will be able to directly access his account. As for Steam profiles, they can be expensive on the dark web, especially if they concern a number of popular and/or significant games.

Bitdefender does not forget to provide some advice to users to stay protected. The first of them is quite simple to remember: you should never provide your identifiers anywhere other than on official applications. Also avoid clicking on links without thinking, and take the time to think to avoid making mistakes.

Activating multi-factor authentication is also a plus . The latter considerably complicates the task of cybercriminals and adds a welcome layer of protection. Finally, it is also important to have a security solution adapted to your needs. That's good, we've put together a very comprehensive guide for you which lists the best offers on the market.

Discord already targeted in the past

As a reminder, this is unfortunately not the first time that these very popular platforms among gamers have been targeted. We spoke to you in 2022 about the AXLocker ransomware which was then wreaking havoc on the Discord application.

In detail, this malware encrypts data and a pop-up window then opens demanding payment of a ransom within 48 hours. If they comply, the user then receives a key to decrypt their data. But the Internet user's setbacks don't stop there. Indeed, this virus takes advantage of this to steal the Discord accounts of targeted people.

Malicious actors are targeting this platform in particular because it is home to numerous gaming communities, and it has become a hotspot for NFT and cryptocurrency platforms.

What to remember:

  • A scam targets Discord users and Steam
  • This is a classic phishing campaign, but one that can cause you to lose control of your account
  • < li>Vigilance is required

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