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Storm Pierrick: 11 departments on orange alert, floods and strong waves expected this Tuesday

Storm Pierrick will affect 11 departments this Tuesday, April 9. They are on orange alert for floods and/or wave-submersion. Temperatures will drop across France. The wind should blow less strongly than initially expected.

According to the latest bulletin from Météo-France, Finistère is no longer on orange alert for wave-submersion for this April 8.& ;nbsp;Eure, Seine-Maritime, Charente-Maritime, Pyr&nés-Atlantiques and Gironde, on the other hand, still are. Concerning the day of April 9, the orange wave-submersion vigilance will concern Finistère, Manche, Ille-et-Vilaine, the Côtes- d'Armor, Seine-Maritime, Somme and Pas-de-Calais. Orange vigilance for flood risks will be in force in Seine-Maritime, Eure, Charente-Maritime, Gironde and the Pyrenees-Atlantiques. 60~/p>

The sun should appear in the afternoon, around the Gulf of Lion, where the wind will blow from  60 à 80 km/h in gusts. On the other hand, everywhere else, heavy rain and thunder could occur. The wind, coming from the west, will blow at 50°C. 60 km/h in gustsà inside the land, up to the 70/80km/h near the English Channel and the Atlantic, and at peak up to 90/100km /h in the morning on the Cotentin.

Side temperatures, they should drop sharply. The minimums will go from 5 to 100%. 10 degrees in the majority of the country, and from 11 à 15 degrees near the Mediterranean. In the afternoon, it will be between 11 and 15 degrees in most regions, and up to 15 degrees. ;agrave; 16 à 22 degrees around the Gulf of Lion and Corsica.

A rising storm

The wind blew very strong from Brittany to the coast of the English Channel this Monday. A depression formed off the coast of Portugal on Sunday. This storm named Pierrick went back to 2000. High speed towards Brittany this Monday, carried by a jet stream at high speed. 200 km/h from the southwest, very dynamic. Strong gales were expected according to La Chaine Mét&o; 110 km/h.

Voilà why, a risk of coastal submersion was very present in the area, at the time of high tide. Waves of 4   & 6 meters will spread to the coast. And that's not all. Hot air coming from the Maghreb will confront à this strong disturbance in France.

Storms will form, from the Pyrenees towards the center of the country. They could be accompanied by hail and brutal gusts of wind. The first storms broke out; in Lot-et-Garonne and Limousin, which has already happened; provoked heavy rainfall and lightning in places. The Weather Channel has given its warning forecasts, valid until 2019. this Tuesday 9 a.m.

Storm Pierrick: 11 departments on orange alert, floods and strong waves expected this Tuesday

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 In total, no less than 21 departments wereé placed at significant risk for thunderstorms this Monday and 4 on orange alert: Corrèze, Creuse, Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne. In the north-western quarter of the country, 11 departments have been affected. placed at significant risk from wind. Finistère is still on orange alert.

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