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Strasbourg – PSG: a victory while suffering, the match summary

Despite two goals ahead, PSG got scared in the second half, losing control of the match, but was able to maintain its advantage to return to victory against Strasbourg (2-1).

Strasbourg – PSG: a victory while suffering, the match summary

Strasbourg 1: 2< img alt = "PSG score" src = "https://img-4.linternaute.com/9pn-v-b1t3x8l4bbvjdiq74ciew=/450x/smart/ee61b83b8064498e837f5251219bc87e/ccmcms-lintern ng " /> PSG Live

23:35 – Good night

Thank you à all and &agrav; everyone for accompanying us to follow the opening match of the 20th day of Ligue 1 between Strasbourg and Paris Saint-Germain.

Strasbourg – PSG: a victory while suffering, the match summary

We were watching for the Parisian reaction, a week after having been attacked. hooked by Brest to the Parc des Princes, and we were almost surprised. Everything could have been very different if Strasbourg had been controlled. as realistic as the cold that reigned outside. the Meinau. With 20 shots, Patrick Vieira's men had some situations, from the first minute when Sahi Dion received a ball from Angelo at 6 meters ;tres and saw his attempt bounce off the shoulder of Donnarumma and again in injury time, Sylla not managing to make the save. give strength à this extended free kick by a partner even though he was alone against the Italian goalkeeper of PSG. Two actions among others which did not end at the bottom and which allowed the French champion to return from Alsace with what he had come to seek: victory.

Because for its part, the Parisian club did not have any success. also generous. Mbappé yet missed a penalty, brilliantly released by the firm left hand of Bellaarouch. For his first in Ligue 1, the young Moroccan goalkeeper, replacing Matz Sels, the former Alsatian captain who left the day before on the last day of the winter transfer window, already saw himself in the squad. as the hero of the evening. He was punished & half an hour into the game. Too confident in his restart, he was blocked. by Asensio. With a pass, the Spaniard transmitted à Mbappé, who only had 'à roll the ball 18 meters to send it into the empty goal. The international tricolor may miss his target but not at all. every time. From then on, the rhythm of the match changed. From crazy, he became purring, anesthetized… by the regained technical mastery of PSG. An amplified effect when upon returning from the locker room, the roles were reversed with the former Monegasque offering the goal to the hosts. the former Real Madrid player after one against the illuminated thal by the orientation of Ruiz.

However, the people of Strasbourg did not disarm, convinced by the example of Brest that a return was possible in the face of great odds. this less sovereign PSG. Port by the percussion of Bakwa and Angelo as well as the volume of Diarra, they were rewarded when the first victoriously took back the center dropped by by the second. Open then 20 minutes where ù PSG paradoxically accepted to suffer, cowering until the end. grant several opportunities to Sissoko, Sylla or Bakwa. Too timid heads and a sharp strike point blank too far away. Strasbourg had lefté take his chance and could say goodbye à his streak of 6 matches without defeat in Ligue 1.

For its part, PSG confirmed; the doubts that have accompanied him in recent weeks. Its sides are too permeable and its axis is not compact enough. Fortunately for him, his effectiveness allows us to disguise a technical mastery that is too intermittent, a real problem with regard to the game project imagined in this game. by Luis Enrique. If this is enough in Ligue 1 where ù he is provisionally 9 points ahead of Nice (traveling to Brest, 3rd, editor's note), not sure that this will be the case in the Champions League. PSG has 10 days to find its legs and its ideas.

23:20 – Asensio's reaction

"It's a good result with the three points and the victory against à a very competitive team", indicated, " Prime Video, briefly Marco Asensio, decisive passer for Mbappé in the first half and scorer of the second Parisian goal. la Meinau.

23:15 – PSG puts pressure on the rankings

En imposing itself à Strasbourg, PSG temporarily takes a 9-point lead at the top of Ligue 1. Dauphin, Nice will be strong in the lead. to do on the go & Brest, third, to prevent the French champion from escaping.

23 :06 – Bakwa's reaction (Strasbourg)

After the match, Dilane Bakwa returned to the short defeat of Strasbourg à home against PSG. "There are a lot of regrets, we had the opportunities to score, from the first minute I think, and against this kind of score " team, if you don't score, you're punished. It's a shame because we had a good match. In the second half, we came back well, we pushed; but çthat wasn'not enough", explainedé &agrav; Prime Video  le Strasbourgeois, author of  goal of his team.

A week after their draw against Brest, Paris Saint-Germain won while suffering & Strasbourg (2-1). A success difficult to achieve through too great a lack of mastery. Put à sheltered by Asensio at the start of the second period, after Mbappé opened the score à in the 31st, PSG let itself be defeated. get into the rhythm of Strasbourg, conceded; the reduction of the score and suffered the end of the match, to the point of scaring themselves. Fortunately for them, Strasbourg missed out. sharpness and realism to hope to catch the draw.

22:56 – Sissoko unscrews

At 25 m&egrave Being in the middle, Sissoko takes his chance but his right shot escapes him. He hits the ball from the outside of the right and sends it wide. side of the goal kept by Donnarumma.

Guilbert extends the Strasbourg free kick into the Parisian area where it is extended by a head of a partner. Alone, Sylla pricks his head but his attempt is too timid and lacks power to worry Donnarumma. La Meinau believed in it.

22:53 – Nobody in the center

C& ocirc;t&eac; left, Bakwa works Mukiele and rolls in a good cross that no partner is able to take into the Parisian area.

22:52 – Additional time: 6 minutes

There will be six minutes of additional time in this second period between Strasbourg and PSG.

22:51 – Change for Strasbourg

In the 88th minute, Vieira proceeds to & ;agrave; a new change with the exit of Mwanga for the entry of Bechikh.

22:49 – Sissoko lacks strength

From the sideé left, Dakwa rolls his free kick which Danilo pushes away with his head. It comes back to Guilbert, à the entrance to the surface. The defender returns to the bell at 6 meters where Sissoko places his head but without being able to move. give it strength. Donnarumma picks up on his line.

22:48 – Strasbourg at the dry cleaners

Les Strasbourgeois feel that there is a blow play at the end of the match and press very high. It pays off with this recovered ball. in Asensio's feet near the surface. The Spaniard commits a foul and offers a good free kick.

22:48 – Mukiele enters

In the 86th minute, Soler gave up his place in the right lane of the PSG defense to let Mukiele in.

22:46 – The suit doesn't work

The balloon is messed up! &agrav; the relaunch by PSG. Deminguet took advantage of this and found Emegha in the axis. The latter puts it back on Dakwa who in one touch plays in front à right for Deminguet, who proposedé a race. The pass is approximate.

22:45 – Diarra leaves his place

Author of a big match in the volume, Diarra leaves the pitch and is replaced; &agrav; the 82nd minute by Deminguet.

22:42 – Double change for PSG

In the 82nd minute, Luis Enrique proceeds to a double change with the exits of captain Marquinhos and Kolo Muani. They are replaced by Danilo and Gonçalo Ramos. The cuff is entrusted &agrav; Mbappé for the end of the match.

22:40 – Bakwa above

Angelo has changed on the side and challenges Hernandez & RIGHT. Getting back on his left foot, the Strasbourg winger manages to score. wrap a center. Sissoko comes to argue with him à Marquinhos, which extends until 'à Bakwa. Alone at the far post, the striker volleys from the left but his shot is too high.

22:39 – Clever but well read free kick

30 meters down the right axis, Senaya pokes a small ball into the back of the wall for Emegha. It's a bit long and that benefits the player. Donnarumma.

22:36 – The counter-abortion

Continued & agrave; a Parisian free kick sent at the far post on Ruiz's head, the delivery into the Strasbourg area is extended by Sissoko. Vieira's players go on the counter and have a two against one à play. Angelo saw Emegha making the call in the middle and tried to pivot with one touch but it lacked precision and Asensio dropped back to take the ball away. the Strasbourg striker.

22:35 – Sissoko intervenes on Hernandez

Hernandez enters the Strasbourg area from the left and is very close to having a shooting window but Sissoko makes a good return to cut him off, while Sylla contains him.

Following Bakwa's goal, Ruiz unleashes a powerful strike from outside the area and forces Bellaarouch to ; make a nice parade. Shortly after, Strasbourg almost came back. height. The same Ruiz has the ball stolen from his feet by Emegha à 20 meters. The Alsatian striker hooks &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash; right but looks behind his back à Mwanga whose shot blipped Donnarumma à relax on your left. He pushes back on Emegha who crushes his attempt and allows the Italian goalkeeper to calm things down.

In the 68th minute, Strasbourg reignites the flame of the ;hope by reducing the score. Side right, Senaya brushes her cross to the far post whereù Bakwa escapes Soler and Donnarumma horn up close.

22:28 – Mwanga doesn't fit

Strasbourg passes from the right and Diarra serves as a relay, with his back to the goal, to give à Mwanga whose interior law flees the framework left.

22:26 – Bellaarouch in the air

Eccentricé &agrav; left, &agrav; 20 meters away, Vitinha curls his free kick into the Alsatian area where Bellaarouch unfolds his frame to catch the far post in the air.


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