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Streaming: Netflix has won the war, its rivals are losing

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On January 1, Netflix, through its site Tudum, announced good news to its subscribers. In its American version, the site hosts 12 films from the DC Comics universe, owned by Warner Bros.

This seemingly innocuous information would simply not have been possible a few years ago in the context of the streaming wars, because the entertainment giant wanted to keep its flagship productions for its Max platform .

But something has definitely changed in this sector, and this upheaval was brilliantly summed up in this tweet from journalist Matthew Belloni: “ALL of Netflix's Top 10 films are currently licensed from legacy studios, and nine are from studios with their own streaming services (including four recent hits from Warner Bros.) The streaming wars are officially over“ #8221;.

Netflix won a battle

In fact, and despite numerous criticisms and an alteration of its image, Netflix had a particularly successful year 2023 on a commercial level. The service added 9 million users in the third quarter alone, while its stock price soared.

As they desperately seek to to make their streaming activity, often loss-making, profitable, Netflix's rivals ended up cracking. They are therefore increasingly licensing their series and films to their competitor.

Which made Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, say: : “In one way or another, we do business with almost every supplier, including our direct competitors and I think we bring tremendous value to them” .

Quoted by Fortune, David Zaslav, the CEO of Warner Bros. also recognizes this: &amp ;#8220;In many cases this really helps us. People come back and want to see the entire DC movies and the only place to do that is on Max”.

While there is a lack of reliable data to verify this, it appears that Netflix remains the default streaming platform for millions of people around the world. When they have the means, customers then turn to the competition which is currently struggling to catch up with the historic player in the sector. However, we will be careful not to make a definitive judgment, because, no, it does not seem that the streaming war is truly over.

Do you appreciate the fact that programs from competing studios are offered on Netflix ? And more broadly, what do you think of this clash between platforms ? Tell us in the comments.

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