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Strikes in Rafah: this image which shows the scale of the drama

Israel continues its strikes in the south of the Gaza Strip this Tuesday after the bombing of a displaced persons camp in Gaza. Rafah, Sunday. The Security Council of the UN will meet urgently this Tuesday afternoon.

The horror remains. Despite community condemnations international after the bombing of a local displaced camp on Sunday evening, Israel increases the bombings on Rafah and the towns located there. are in the south of the Gaza Strip this Tuesday, May 28, 2024. From dawn, airstrikes and gunfire in the center and west of Rafah have resumed, reports Agence France Presse.

Strikes in Rafah: this image which shows the scale of the drama

7 deaths à Rafah in a new attack

The photos taken by journalists on site attest to the violence of the successive attacks and the dismay of the populations there, in particular the children who are looking for something to eat under the rubble. ;egrave;egrave de la Santé é Hamas reports seven dead and six injured between Monday, May 27 and Tuesday, May 28. On Sunday, the assault claimed responsibility. by the Israeli army had caused the death of 45 people and left more than 249 injured. An attack claimed by the Israeli army. The Tsahal had indicatedé having targeted two Hamas commanders. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regretted a “tragic accident”. Washington advised &agrav; Israel to "take all precautions to protect civilians". Finally, the French head of state Emmanuel Macron said he was "indigné" by the latest IDF attack.

Burned men, the image of a baby decapitated

Several videos are now circulating on the social network X (formerly Twitter). They bear witness to the atrocities taking place in the Gaza Strip. "The world needs to see what Israel is doing today. His " armée " burned lively of the Palestinian refugees in a United Nations camp in Rafah. They are assassins. The IDF has never been interested in hostages. They have one goal: to “eradicate the Palestinian people.” indicates for example the LFI of Seine-Saint-Denis Thomas Portes by sharing one of them. We see a man in the middle of real chaos, flames, brandishing the body of a baby. decapitated &agrav; Rafah. In another of his videos taken at a glance In Gaza, we can very clearly see dead men on the ground, in the middle of the flames, surrounded by survivors who cannot believe their eyes and are screaming at the top of their lungs. the sight of lifeless bodies. Several people tried to remove bodies from tarpaulins to evacuate them. Sometimes these are the bodies of children, even very young children, victims of the latest IDF bombings. Rafah.

Information and videos confirmed by different news agencies like Reuters: "We were sitting at the table. the door of the house safely. Suddenly we heard the sound of a missile. declared, for example, a witness to the latest attack in the columns of the BBC, this Monday.

Emergency meeting of the Security Council of the UN

This Tuesday, the Security Councilé of the UN will meet urgently in the afternoon. "I condemn the actions of Israel that killedé many innocent people who were only seeking à protect ourselves from this deadly conflict. There is no safe place to be. Gaza. These horrors must stop" indicates the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres. The meeting & behind closed doors was held requested by Algeria, a permanent member of the Council, as indicated above. by AFP. For its part, the UN demanded a "complete and transparent" investigation; on the bombing of Rafah.

At the same time, Spain, Ireland and Norway will formally recognize the State of Palestine this Tuesday. "Recognition of the State of Palestine is a matter of justice for the Palestinian people" indicated the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares à Brussels this Monday. Slovenia could soon do the same.

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