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Stuck in a family WhatsApp group? Here are 5 ways to escape

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In theory, discussion groups on messaging services such as WhatsApp and Telegram are positive. They allow people who like each other to stay in touch, regardless of the distance that separates them or their schedules.

However, many Internet users tend to rail against the overflow of messages that these spaces produce. Regular notifications can indeed disturb us at work or in moments of peace. Therefore, many users are looking for ways to avoid these nuisances.

Techniques to avoid being overwhelmed

And in fact, a study published by the company Secure Date Recovery highlights the strategies used to avoid getting too overwhelmed. To see more clearly, analysts questioned 100 American citizens in this survey.

Here are 5 techniques used by respondents to better manage group discussions:

  1. 66% of respondents believe that the ideal size of a group is between 3 and 5 people. Therefore the best option seems to be these smaller collectives which can avoid the feeling of too much.
  2. 59% of participants said they mute their groups. This method is certainly radical, but it allows you to avoid suffering. However, it is not a perfect solution and you can sometimes miss important messages, which can be frowned upon by other participants.
  3. 25% of those surveyed use the option “Do not disturb”, a very practical feature that allows you to remain polite. Unfortunately, it is not available on all platforms.
  4. 21% of respondents decide to withdraw from the conversation. A radical method which can sometimes do damage, and risks being little appreciated by the other participants in the group.
  5. 15% of respondents only participate in discussions at certain times. During these chosen moments, they read previous messages and can send them in turn. It is a solution for maintaining contact, while spending a minimum of time.

Finally note that 8% of American Internet users rely on other participants to find out the content exchanges, and 4% decide to directly explain to their loved ones that they must post fewer messages.

What to remember:

  • Group discussions are more and more frequent
  • If they have their virtues, they sometimes tend to annoy certain Internet users
  • They do not hesitate to use strategies to escape message overload

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