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Succession: a film to end in style ? This star of the series responds


Since the end of the series Succession in 2023, rumors have been rife concerning possible spin-offs of the series which has garnered numerous awards at the 75th Emmy Awards. We particularly mention the idea of ​​a film that would extend the experience.

And in fact, the subject was broached during an interview given by Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy, to Variety. The latter does not completely close the door, but it sets its own conditions:

We will see. If it's good enough and Jesse Armstrong (the creator of Succession Editor's note) wants to do it, I might do it.

“Not the most interesting thing to do”

According to him, however, it is likely that such a project will never come to fruition . He adds: “What I like about this series and what I like about Jesse Armstrong is that we let's not exceed our expiration date. Many American series are past their expiration date. We left people wanting more. We must always leave people hungry”.

Brian Cox was also asked about an idea formulated by Kieran Culkin during the last Golden Globes: a series dedicated to cousin Greg. He was very clear: according to him, this is not a good idea, because Nicholas Braun who plays this character on screen has other projects: “I don't think Nick Braun wants to do it either. He is moving on to something else that is very important to him”.

In the process, the showrunner of Succession Jesse Armstrong was also questioned about possible spin-offs by our colleagues at the BBC. He was also quite clear and thinks that “doesn't seem like the most interesting thing“.

Like the spectators, he of course admits to having difficulty saying goodbye to this production which marked his life. And for the rest ? “I don't know. And I'm very comfortable with that. I have a few ideas, but they're at that delightful stage where I haven't really worked on them yet and they all seem to be absolutely perfect.

Given the success of his series, there is no doubt that the public will be there. For your part, what do you think of these recurring rumors around a spin-off of Succession ? Good or bad idea  ? Please share your views in the comments.

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