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Suicide of Evaëlle: what does the professor suspected of moral harassment risk ?

A teacher will be tried at the Pontoise criminal court. She is accused of having harassed her. Evaëlle, an 11-year-old middle school student who committed suicide in 2019.

On June 21, 2019, the young Evaëlle, 11 years old, hanged herself while she was at home outside the city. Herblay-sur-Seine, in Val-d'Oise. A French teacher had been there. indicted for having harassed the student. She will be judged by the Pontoise Criminal Court for having "downgradingé the living conditions of his student, indicates Le Point. L&#39 ;teacher would have "humiliatedé regularly" Evalle and would have isolated her. Furthermore, according to the order written by the judge, she would have organized hours of classroom life on school bullying during which she would have stigmatized the adolescent girl. All of these behaviors had the effect of a very significant deterioration in the young girl's living conditions, which “isolated himself more and more”, it is thus written.

À 11 years old, Evaëlleéwas harassed since she entered middle school Isabelle-Autissier d'Herblay, after having suffered bullying in primary school. Tensions arise with the French teacher regarding the implementation of a medical protocol due to back problems. Unable to carry heavy loads, she is authorized to carry heavy loads. take a binder for all your classes. The professor considers this a whim and multiplies the reflections on the subject. this subject in front of the students, details BFM TV. The two hours of class life to discuss Eva's situation are particularly singled out. During these, the young girl must stand in the middle of the class to hear the criticisms made to her. Despite her tears, she is ordered by the teacher to answer the questions of the other students. 

After changing of college, Eva seemed to be doing better and was being followed psychologically. A few months later, she committed suicide after being murdered. confronted é violent behavior in his new establishment. Justice has been set aside any causality between her death and the situation she had experienced at her former college. The charge of involuntary manslaughter is not held against the professor who is being tried for "moral harassment" towards Evaëlle and two other former students. 

In its indictment, the prosecution noted that: that the accusations of harassment against the professor à The encounter with Evaëlle had been made corroborated by “almost all” of 6th grade students, underlines Le Monde. The prosecution accused à the teacher for having "taken the dislike" the young girl, which would have been the "trigger and catalyst" of behavior that has become widespread to students. According to the Penal Code, moral harassment can be punished by two years of imprisonment and 30 000 euros fine. 

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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