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Surprise! The independent video game of the year is French! But it was two amateurs who created it.

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The Rundisc studio is based in Toulouse and has two games to its credit. The second, Chants of Seennaar, was released on September 5, 2023 and has already won the hearts of many players. While its two developers, with a rather amateur profile, expected a niche game effect., this is very far from being the case. Nourished by the legend of the Tower of Babel and equipped with a very carefully crafted artistic direction, this linguistic puzzle game is a success on all levels.

Immersion in a revisited myth

Chants of Seennaarplaces the player in the role of a mute character, who must evolve in a world divided by the barriers of language. Like a comic book, it will face protagonists who express themselves with illegible speech bubbles. In this fractured universe, where each people lives in its own corner and develops its own cultural base, the player will have to scramble to decipher all these languages.

A linguistic quest, where you will have to gather together clues and compare them to improve understanding of different languages. Other more classic enigmas also dot the adventure.

Chants of Seennaaralso takes up the codes of the initiatory quest >. A recurring theme in literature, in which a naive hero must go through trials to reach a state of enlightenment. In Chants of Seennaar,this state of awakening is to establish a link between peoples separated by the barrier of language.< /p>

An exceptional artistic achievement

Let's say it frankly, Chants of Seennaaris staggering beauty >, whether from a graphic or musical point of view. Admiring it, we can't help but think of the game Sable, and its aesthetic strongly borrowed from the world of the brilliant designer Moebius (Arzach< /em>, The Hermetic Garage).

We can give it other graphic inspirations, such as that of the psychedelic SF universe of Philippe Druillet ( Delirius, The 6 Voyages of Lone Sloane) or even landscapes by François Schuiten.

The overall rendering is striking, colorful and seduces the eye as the adventure unfolds in settings, each more splendid than the last. Add to that a fantastic OST, and you have a cocktail that works perfectly.

If you are looking for an original narrative adventure that provides a fun experience quite unique of its kind, go for it. The game is available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Moreover, a free and playable demo is available on its Steam page in case you want to get an idea before taking the plunge.

  • Chants of Seennaar, from the Toulouse studio Rundisc, has reached 100,000 sales.
  • It's an independent game, based on the myth of the Tower of Babel.
  • Its gameplay based on linguistic puzzles and its very inspired artistic direction make it a very successful experience.

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